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Bulk or Tone

hi everyone this is the first time i have used this site and found it really interesting.

My question is i am 18 years old and have been training for nearly 4 months now ! I have got a bit bigger especialy upper body, but the problem is i have put weight on around my stomach area also making me look slightly chubby.

Should i know start to tone or carry on bulking up ??? How would i go about toning if thats wot u wud suggest, Mossy

First try to spell like a big boy and cut out the “wot wud u suggest” crap. People might not take you seriously if you spell that way: they assume you’re either lazy or stupid. You’re probably neither.

Now, go to T-mag and look up all the Dawg School columns by Chris Shugart. Read them all. Then read the FAQ section and follow all the links in the question about newbies. Next start on the diet articles. The “Diet Manifesto”, “The Missing Ingredient” and “The Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs.” This should get you started. In fact, read that Hierarchy article first. And don’t use the word “tone” or you’ll get murdered on this board.

Finally, welcome! You came to the right place! We’re kinda tough sometimes on newbies, but if you make an effort to help yourself and read what you need to read then this is the most helpful board on the net!

TEK is absolutely right. This site is great. Look all over- books, other sites,talk to pros. If you’re serious, this will be life for you. And that life will be a science.

Mossy, I went through a bulking stage where I never did cardio just mass-eating and weight-lifting. After a good 3 months I decided I should of maintained my cardio/clean diet regiment. I spent the summer running, bike riding, boxing, and jump roping and after burning away the fat (which I though was muscle gained from bulking) I feel much better than I did on my bulk-cycle.

Use the word tone all you want, but know what you are talking about when you use it. Increasing muscle tone is very much a possibility, but its neccesary to lose the overlying fat in order to see it. Check out my article at www.testosterone.net/articles/214rip.html