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Bulk or Lose Visceral Fat First?


I apologize in advance for this post, as I know it's a touchy subject (for the anger towards those that want their "hawt abz"). As an elite ex-athlete (stopped training approximately one year ago), I have a reasonably good base to start from. However, during my long layoff from basically all activity, I have gained a lot of visceral fat (a little fat on the outside, but mostly internal).

I'm ending my... year of wasted life, however. I'm not sure whether I need to be concerned about the amount of visceral fat, or whether I should just pick up any program on here and let it take care of itself.

My age (18) will also play a role I suspect in blowing past it. My goal is to bulk to around 210 (180 now at 6'2), but I'm aware of the risks of visceral fat and am not sure how to deal with it.

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post it in, so if it's not appropriate, please feel free to move it.

If pictures are needed, let me know...


How elite an athlete can you be before you finish high school?

'Bulk or Cut?' Threads are hard to answer without pictures. Even then, it's usually a waste of time. Cut for health and other reasons (other reasons meaning girls), just don't post about it in the bodybuilding section where people are going to flame you to death for it.

If you need specific routines and/or diets, there are plenty of highly vetted solutions on this site.

I too am a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes. So sad that Bill Waterson died.


I actually just finished my first year of university. And you're right about the "elite" part - I just wanted to show that I had been training 20+ hours a week for swimming/baseball since I was quite young.

Thanks for your response. I guess I'll try and lose the visceral fat though. It occurred to me, however, that since I am so young I might be able to do both at the same time. I know that would be possible with "normal" fat, and I was wondering whether the fact it is visceral makes any difference.



How do you know you've gained visceral fat? I mean you can't see it can you?


You're 180 at 6'2. How frickin' fat could you possibly be? Lol.


i think the definition of "elite" differs between you and me. Seriously though, unless you're gonna be going shirtless to pick up girls, just pick up where you left off and run with it. I wouldn't really worry about fat that much, especially since it seems like you need to add significant amount of muscle to your frame at 6'2 and 180.


You'll have to be really skinny fat for thinking about cutting at a weight of 180lbs @ 6'2. You have the fear of getting fat, but you'll gain some when bulking. So you have unrealistic bulking beliefs.

In conclusion, just bulk. Up your calories, keep an eye for gaining too much fat and do some more cardio or clean op the diet. It's that simple.


Thanks for the replies everyone. I agree mostly with what you're saying. I think I have gotten quite skinny fat, but I think at my age, just training normally (ie bulking) will take care of it, especially since I'm a relative beginner to weight training. Hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of the build-muscle-and-lose-fat-at-the-same-time period. I'll also work hard to clean up my diet and add in some cardio. I'm disappointed that the T-Dawg diet has apparently been taken off the site. Does anyone have other recommendations?

I'll let you know how it goes. I'm not really sure what weight to bulk to (I'd like to sit around 220 at a reasonable BF %), but I'll worry about that much later once I add some meat to my frame (other than my stomach).



In my opinion you're over analyzing. Get a good split training schedule, UB/LB, push/pull or whatever. Make use of the basics for a diet, eat about 500 kcal more than you're daily use and try to beat the logbook every time you're in the gym.


You're right. I'll do that.

Thanks a lot.