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Bulk or Keep Cutting?+updated with new plan in post

Hey guys

So I have been cutting for the past 3 months. Lost about 15-18 lbs.and am wondering if I should keep cutting as I feel like I am getting really small
or bulk bf is pretty high right now

thanks bros

You look around 16-17%. Maybe a little lower depending on how much you store on your legs and back. If you’re not making progress in the gym, switch to a slow bulk for a while. If you’re still getting stronger, keep on rockin’ what you got.

Losing 15lbs in three months while gaining strength is damn near ideal.

Work more shoulders

I would continue to lift hard, do cardio several times a week, eat plenty of nutritional foods and I think you’ll wind up adding muscle and losing bodyfat at the same time.

My lifts aren’t very good these days, basically doing 165 with squats and bench.

Was planning on doing Starting Strength (with military press added in) once I was done with cut until I get squat and bench to 225, maybe I should start doing that right now?

When you say slow bulk do you mean recomp or 300 to 500 calories surplus?

i would consider 300-500cal surplus as a pretty heavy bulk. 100-200 over maint should do fine. If that doesn’t work, bump it up a little at a time.

Timing is another factor. Most of your calories should be for breakfast, pre- and post-workout. If you’re eating a bunch of excess calories for snacks and lunch, skipping breakfast and skimping on your peri-workout meals, you’ll be heading in the wrong direction fast.

And like Austin mentioned, don’t skip the cardio.

BTW, the maths say to add 400-500 calories to what you eat now.

I would definitely be concerned with adding more muscle first, the rest can work itself out over time once you have laid down a solid foundation.

Yeah I agree. I think one of the things that really held has held me back is that my lifts just haven’t been very good. I’m eating at maintenance this week going to be bulking next week. Basically I plan on doing Starting Strength until I get bench and squat to 225 at 5x5

so 3x a week
bench,squat,military press, two arm isos cuz I like them a bunch
the other days I play college hockey or run so I feel like I get pretty good cardio in

I hope to reach my goal in 3 to 4 months and then switch my routine up to something like Lane Nortans PHAT but I feel like I actually need to be able to lift something heavy first.

what do you guys think

Hi,sorry to piggy back on your post but I’m also in a similair boat as the OP. I’m at 15-16% body fat, just came off losing some weight (14 lbs), but I need more muscle. I’m eating 2000 calories right now and working out 5 days a week ( 2 cardio, 3 weights). Basically, I want to know how much I should strive to eat if I don’t want to gain a lot more fat, should I also attempt to eat only at 500 calories more (2500)? Thanks.

What do you mean Starting Strength with military press added in? The Overhead press already IS in SS