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Bulk or Cut?

sry no pics, cant afford digital camera

Going into my soph year of HS, (16 in 2 months) height at 6’ 2", weight at 225, I have been doing a program run by a local trainer with considered high status, since the summer i was going into freshman year, what i am concerned about is the fact that i still have a bit of what the trainer guy refers to as “baby fat” because i am still young,

i worry though because i have already grown this far, and am slowing down from the usual 4 inches a year, to an inch and a half this past year.

My maxes on weights are not exact because the guy who’s training me and some fellow kids on sports teams with me has not pushed for maxing, more for the building with reps. bench - 235 squat - 280-290, deadlift - 245. All of which certainly are great improvements from the past year by far.

Football, Basketball, and then Lacrosse every year, lacrosse being the dominant sport which is why i want to strive to lose whatever fat i can with obviously as little muscle loss as possible. But my inquiry to the wise is whether i should keep on with the plan i have been living on, which is eating plenty a plenty of food gaining muscle and keeping some fat, or should i begin to think about what i have heard is cutting.

I couldnt tell you that i am experianced in this weightlifting department because i am indeed lifting with a drive to compete better in those three sports and not in lifting as a sport itself. apoligies if this post is a newbish question, but id rather ask a stupid question to someone who knows, than try to answer it myself.

So my question is does a 16 year old kid continue to pack on the weight to get more muscle, or start to lean out now.

whats more important to you your sport or your lifts I hope that answers it

nice bench

[quote]n3wb wrote:
whats more important to you your sport or your lifts I hope that answers it

nice bench[/quote]

yeah that pretty much sums it up man, and id hafta say that lacrosse is definitly more important, while lifting is to aid and improve my game. i’m just thinking towards the fact that i cant get my 40 yd dash time below 4.82 , which is pretty decent for a defenceman but i want more

Sounds like you want some more sport specific training than the program you are doing.

I’d suggest you outline your goals, such as sprint times or other sport specific skills and get some advice on improving them… some folks around here will be able to give you good advice if you ask the right questions.