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Bulk or cut?

Alright, here’s kind of an odd question. i have took a 12 week or so hietus from weightlifting due to busy schedule, school, other stuff. anyway, i have lost some muscle and of course gained some fat, especially around the mid section. my question is: do i try to cut calories and diet and burn off all that fat at the beginning of my workout program i am restarting or should i just start eating like i would for a bulk cycle. currently, i plan to start once again taking powerdrive, zma, tribex and lift for 4 weeks and then start a 2 week cycle of andro-nandrosol. should i burn off this excess fat at the beginning of my working out, or should i use that extra bodyfat as “fuel”. any ideas you guys have would be very appreciated. thanks.

I have the same problem with the summer. I usually drop carbs, increase protein. My lean body mass always goes up even while dieting. Probably muscle memory.

You didn’t give too much info about where your bodyfat is now, what your goal is, whether or not you’re going to compete, etc. Personally I don’t like to go over 12% b.f. otherwise it takes too long to get back to my ideal range (right now I’m at 4.5 %). This just happened as I had surgery to repair a hernia this summer and was out of action for two months, ballooning up to around 16-17%. Thus it took me 14 weeks of dieting to get back to respectability. With me I also have to be careful during mass phases because I have a tendency to eat everything in sight (still sticking w. clean foods for the most part). You know how it is when you put the “fat blinders” on because strength goes up every workout and you get those killer pumps from all the carbs. Anyway if you’re not competing it’s up to you on what your cutoff pt. is for bodyfat, but 10-12 % is a good level not to exceed if you don’t want to spend forever dieting it off. Maybe go up to 10-12, back down to 8-9% and keep repeating. Good luck!