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Bulk or Cut?


Hey guys,

Looking for some outside advise on either trying to cut down to 242 or bulk up to around 285-290.

right now I am at that in between weight 268 (as of ten min ago) where most federations do not have a 259 class so ?I am the little guy competing in the 275 class. so I was just looking for some 3rd party input on what I should do.


If you're fat as hell, I'd say cut down to cutting distance of 242. If you're pretty lean, move up.


I second that notion.


Bulk. Always bulk.


I second what the first two people said, but failing that, there's always WABDL. They do have a 259 class and put on some awesome meets. Plus, Gus is awesome.


If you want to look/feel better and be competitive for the podium then I would say to cut down to 242 lbs (depending on build & height). You can still walk around at 250-255 lbs and easily make weight, perhaps even as heavy as 260 lbs if you were willing to do some more drastic water manipulation for meets.

A lot of powerlifters have the bigger is better mentality, but you also see that the longevity with the SHW guys is generally not as good as the guys in the lower weight classes.

Being that you already have good size it would make sense to me to just slowly lose about 10 lbs (re-composition) while continuing to focus on getting stronger. Gaining 20 lbs and then trying to compete with guys who have been at that weight for a long time, plus all of the stress that it puts on your body may not be worth it.


I like the way you think


Id say cut down your BF to around 10%... then go from there