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Bulk or Cut from Here?

Currently cutting and still not happy with physique. Climbed to this point from a very soft and weak physique. Built up to 180 and have cut down to 160 but still not a lot of visibility with abs and stomach still a little soft looking. Thoughts?

I’d go with bulk. Just IMO though.

bulk for sure.

What are your goals, and what is your preferred time frame for achieving them?


What did you weight before you hit 180? How long did it take you to get there? And how long did it take you to get to 160?

What does your training (weights and cardio) and diet currently look like?

More info will help us give better input.

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I am gonna echo Chris. What have you done before this.

a picture of your end-goal physique would be a great way to get advice on how to get there. Everybody has a different goal. Some people want to end up absolutely shredded, and don’t care so much about gaining a ton of size. Some want to get huge and don’t worry about blurred abs. Some want it all.

I would start a lean bulk, there’s not much muscle there and as you know in order to build muscle you must be in a caloric surplus.

I would do a long lean bulk maybe 6 months on a 800 cal above maintenance and then see where I’m standing and adjust the diet/cals accordingly.