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Bulk or Cut for 16 Year Old?

I am 16 years old almost 17
-167 pounds
-deadlift 430 pound

-squat 340 pounds
-bench press 230 pounds
Also 6 pack visible in almost any lighting.but being a little bit shreded wouldn’t hurt,i am afraid of stuning my growth.

Why would you cut?

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Thinking the same thing. Eat and grow!


Bulk. You’re lean enough!


I’d say let the actual bodybuilders advise, because you look like you have real potential.
@The_Mighty_Stu @BrickHead


Uh… you don’t look like you need help! You look great. Just keep going with what you’re doing!

You’re lean. What’s there to cut?

What do you need help with?

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I have just a little lower back fat and i keep having body issues and it sucks even if i get a little fatter i am scared…i have been fat my whole childhood…

I see your pics above.

What lower back fat? You’re lean. Do you really want to get to a shredded condition that’s not even sustainable?

You likely know what to do to get leaner anyway: increase cardio and decrease calories. But don’t overdo both at once.

Idk is it worth it?

See my edit above. It’s worth it if you’re stepping on a stage. Otherwise almost no one cares about some guys “Christmas tree” back.

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Some how I have a hard time believe you was a fat kid. Unless your basing it off some unrealistic standard.


I will give you a pic here

Eh, a little doughy. Not bad.

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So bulk or cut?

Troll post

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Lean bulk. Kids should not cut unless it’s medically necessary (obesity, as determined by an MD.).


Shit, even still, obese kids are better off just eating quality foods regularly till they’re full.


Yeah. It’s not the lettuce that gets 'em.


I’m holding off judgment myself at the moment.

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Age in that pic?