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Bulk or Cut First?


Im 6' about 205 with body fat around 10% and i've cut calories already and ive put about 4 lbs of muscle on in the past month and cycling creatine but not religiously and about to start on hemo-rage black and i dont know if it'd be easier to get really cut then bulk up or vice versa what is yal's outlook


I highly doubt you gained 4 pounds of muscle in ONE month unless you're coming back from a layoff or using steroids.

If you're really 10%, get bigger for now.

Getting even leaner from 10% is NOT easy and I'm unsure why someone would want to do it unless they MUST (eg, competing). Come to think of it, getting big isn't easy either. So I don't understand the inquiry.

You don't need to "cycle" creatine. Just take the 5 to 10 grams per day.


Isn't 1lb/week pretty accepted as a good goal? We're not talking about someone near their genetic potential

OP - why cut until you have some muscle to show? Lots of people are lean-- if you want to stand out in a crowd, get big first. But it's really a personal preference.


The beginer forum would be a good place for this question. It's going to get real ugly if this thread runs its course on this forum.


One pound of muscle a week is highly unlikely. I don't like nitpicking in conversation; perhaps one pound of WEIGHT is a better way of putting it.

I'm with you on the other thing. Ten percent is pretty darn lean. So I don't see the point in getting leaner unless it's a must - and it most likely isn't.


I was thinking LBM not pure muscle, my mistake for not clarifying. And I understand if someone is taking in enough calories to put on that much LBM, there will be a requisite fat gain as well.


OP... if you're 6' 205 @ 10%bf why would you want to 'cut'?? (i hate the words 'cut' and 'bulk' unless you are competing)

If your goal is to get bigger then press on and gain some weight. It all depends on what your goals are man.


Nobody puts on 1 lb of MUSCLE a week and especially not 4 weeks in a row. Doesn't happen.


Slow down there Bicep Wonder ;D
He clarified that he meant LBM, not muscle


OP, why "cut" if you are not competing? 10% (If you really are) is not out of shape or whatever. Most recommend being in the 15% range for optimal gains.


LBM is your weight minus fat. So, muscle, bone, and water etc...

Not being a dick. Anyway, gaining a pound a week regardless is hard to do.



I know that lol

Gaining a pound a week is hard to do? A pound of ANYTHING? You can try eating a couple gyros everyday, see how much weight you put on then.


Apparently 3,500 cals a week will equal 1 lb on an average person.

Not me. It all depends on your metabolism and activity level though.

I think if you're training hard enough to gain, you cals would have to really, really, really high in order to gain that quickly.


1lb/week of LBM gain for an untrained individual sounds about right to me. However, someone who is "6' about 205 with body fat around 10%" would surely not be untrained.


OP - are you a legit 10% or are you 'looking in the mirror and guesstimating' 10%? If you are a legit 10% at 205, you will have a visible six pack and most likely would know enough about training to not have to ask this question.

To everyone else nitpicking about the 1lb a week thing - when you gain weight, essentially the only things that are changing are fat, muscle, and water weight. 1lb a week is not out of the ordinary. Usually half of that or more will be fat though. Unless someone's water weight is changing drastically (which isn't normal, but can definitely happen), 1lb a week of LBM is freakish. I'm guessing that the OP gained 4lbs in a month and wrongly assumed that all of that was muscle. Considering that he says he's using creatine off and on, water weight could have something to do with it too.

People who gain X amount of weight in Y amount of time without any noticeable fat gain like to say, "I gained X amount of muscle in Y amount of time." This, of course, isn't true and half (or more) of that is probably fat.


ok for all the people who have probably sat in their computer chair all day and freaked out about this thread all day chill out. i have gone from 201 from 205 with body fat staying the same ive always found putting on muscle was rather easy im a college athlete who just finished playing so it was my first time to really put up big weight everyday and not have to be careful with my shoulder and only reason i was considering cutting was to get that really tight skin look so bricknyce you can slow your roll big guy


What on earth did brick do to you dude? What did ANYONE here do to you?
You must be reading a different thread than me.


just arguing back and forth with each other not sayin they did anything to me


Why is eat enough food to support daily physical activity and lift heavy weights never an option?


No! You have to lose 20lbs a week or gain 50lbs a month. There are no other options.