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Bulk or Cut? 155lbs

I was 166lbs now I am 155lbs here’s where I’m at now. I’ve been cutting my calories back for a few weeks. Lost 1 or 2 lbs a week. Should I keep going or no.

Feels like I’m going to have to be like 148lbs to look shredded or see abs.

Everytime I bulk to 170 I look pretty fat.

Here’s some pics where I’m at recently

Read the title. “Bulk or cut 155lbs”. Immediately thought you should eat more food before I opened the thread.

What is your end goal? Do you want to be 130lbs at single digit body fat? Or 180lbs?

It’s all in what you want man. You don’t need permission from strangers on the internet.

If I were you I’d eat.

I just like to hear different perspectives. My friends and family will just tell me what I want to hear. And if I look at myself I see what I want to see. Strangers are more honest sometimes.


I understand wanting different perspectives, but I just can’t imagine what tangible benefit you could get from hearing our opinions, because we all have different goals, both long-term and short-term, from you.

That being said, if you do have a clear idea of what you want to look like, tell us what that is, and we can help you with making the right decisions to reach that point.

If you could have the physique of anyone in the world, who would it be? Don’t think about what you believe is possible for you, just tell me who has the body you envy the most.

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Idk it’s just like in normal life everybody is always telling me I’m huge, strong, and awesome. It can mess with my ego. By going on this forum I’m just trying to connect with real people that maybe accomplished more than me so I can continue to grow and learn.

Current priorities
I think the end look I am going for is like this-
-Wide shoulders/ v taper complimented with wide lats and decent delts
-big arms, but a nice tricep to bicep ratio (bigger triceps)

  • thick traps
    -visable abs all year round and small waist/hips
    -Thick quads

I want to start avoiding this – Getting a thick chest, thick lower back, and big ass with wide hips. Because I feel like these features can make one look too burly.

I guess this discribes a more aesthetic physique. But I hate the fact most aesthetic guys have bad legs.

I guess what I am also wondering is this- If I want to look half way aesthetic year round, what is the fattest I should allow myself to get.

Anddd Should I try shorter bulking and cutting cycles.
Like start cutting sooner. Idk how to stay lean and healthy. Like microcycles

The healthy part is important to me being fat and bulked up is unhealthy and so is being super shredded. It’s hard for me to find that balance. I’m not sure what’s acceptable anymore.

dude seriously. you could have said all that, and done it more accurately, with a picture of someone with your ideal physique, or a name for me to google. You’re over complicating this.

That being said, I think I have an idea of what you’re going for, I just don’t know the scale. Like, you could be talking about an IFBB pro, or a fitness model type for all I know.

however fat you can get and still think you look good. lol. seriously, this is all subjective, and it’s based on YOUR opinion, not anyone else’s. It’s also based on how committed you can be to the gym and to a strict diet.

again. subjective. your call.

I can tell you that my picture in my avatar on here is what I look like year-round. So it’s possible to stay that lean, if that’s what you want to do. This is what I look like when I’m gaining muscle as well. You don’t HAVE to add a lot of fat to get bigger and stronger. That’s a big ol’ myth. You can put lbs on the scale very slowly, and then not have to deal with a cut later. I’ve never had to cut fat in my life.

Sorry. I just overcomplicate everything. Too much thinking
I looked at your avatar and your actually pretty close to how I want my body to look. Lol. Wide shoulders v taper and lean. Maybe just a few minor differences for me though.
It helps to know you can look like that all year because I want to have that level of leanness all year too. With slow steady gains.
If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of diet do you follow? Or do you have any references I could learn about what your doing with diet. Is it pretty much the same all year round as well. Maybe eat just above maintenance.

what I do won’t work for you. I eat junk food all day. I’m drinking a soda right now and shoveling peanuts into my mouth at my desk. I had pop tarts for breakfast. I’ll eat ice cream before bed tonight. I’m a genetic anomaly.

The best diet articles from this site that I’ve read are from John Berardi. Some are a few years old. I also like what John Meadows has to say about nutrition. OH! and stan efferding! He’s brilliant. Read what you can find from those guys. I’ve learned a lot from Efferding in the last couple years.

I can tell you what got me to my physique gym-wise. I trained as a powerlifter for several years. Probably about 5. Then the last 2-3 I’ve been doing strongman-style training. More overhead pressing than powerlifting. More conditioning, more movement, a greater variety of training implements. Higher rep ranges more often. Heavy carries.

I’ll go line by line on some of the things you value and want to avoid.

Wide shoulders: overhead pressing and lateral raises. Also a lot of back work, with rows and pull ups. I mostly do pull ups, but rows are awesome too. Neither is much better than the other.

Big arms: just do a lot of direct arm work. no substitute for that. I usually put that last in my training, but I always do it. Stay in relatively high rep ranges, don’t dip into the 5 or less rep range.

Thick quads: front squats.

if you don’t want a thick chest, don’t bench. I prefer dips anyway, in relatively high rep ranges.

thick lower back comes from training heavy, and deadlifting. So avoid those things if you don’t want that. same with big ass.

hip structure is genetic.

Thanks I’ll try to take all that in. Very helpful stuff!