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Bulk It, Son

 ive just started bulking out and i wanna make sure my routine isnt too far out of place before i get into it too long. seems like alot of people around here have questions about bulking including myself. ive been working out for 11 months now. my height is 6'1" in feb 05 i weighed a staggering 146 pounds before i started lifting, now 11 months later i weigh 166 lbs still the same height 18 years old btw. so now im starting to bulk up cuz ive accomplished having the extremely cut look now i wanna get the muscles swoll.

the main muscles i work on are biceps, triceps, forearms, chest, abs, and just recently i started legs up again.

ive read several articles on bulking and it always says to only work the muscle once a week it seems like.... but since i dont work alot of other muscles in my body wouldnt it be ok to work my chest and biceps twice a week to bulk?

my bulking routine for my chest right now is i do the warmup then i do 3 reps of 60% of my max, 3 reps of 70%, 3 rep 80%, then i TRY to do 3 reps of 90% ( i can usually get two). i do this w/ flat, incline, and decline. my max is currently 215

for arms i started bulking on them just this week and im doing 5 sets of 3 reps w/ 95lbs. next week or the week after i plan on adding 5 pounds to it.

ive just started bulking out and i wanna make sure my routine isnt too far out of place before i get into it too long

and yes i am eating right, i eat a ton of food a day. meats, veggys, protein, etc etc etc....


Do you have a back, shoulders or calves or were they lost in an accident? That sucks if they were ripped off. I once a knew a guy with no arms, ass or legs. It was a horrible lawnmower accident leaving him with the ability to only do crunches. He now has the best set of abs in the world. You two should hook up.

Ooooh, you mentioned biceps and chest again. Five bucks says it wasn't just a coininkidink.

Wow, chest and arms again. Those suckers must be HUGGGGE. Too bad about your shoulders and back though. That sucks.

I just started Hulking out. It fucks up my clothes but somehow, my shorts always fit regardless. Must be something about fig leaves or nudity, but one day I will figure that out.

Dude, this is a bodybuilding forum. That implies working the entire body. That includes even the parts that aren't "beach show offs". No one can help you until you realize this and stop making your biceps and chest your only true priority. Your entire body has to grow for you to make the most progress. Once you get this down, we can go from there.


That's funny. You accomplished extremely cut look at 6'1' and 165 lbs. Good for you. Are your abs showin'. The chick must be all over you, you big stud.

Main muscles what? Good to know that forearm is a main muscle, PHEW..

Obviously you did not read it well. Read it again.
When you bulk you try to gain size on your entire body not just biceps or some shit like that.

Ther's a bulking routine for every body part. WOW, I've must have done it all wrong.

When you mentioned bulking the first thing you need to do is write your food intake. When bulking food is not just two words in your post. When you get your diet straight then you use compound movements at every training session and that's how you bulk. OK.


wow yall are complete assholes.
maybe some ppl dont wanna work every muscle? and yea maybe i am just wanting a beach body, maybe due to the fact that im an avid surfer. i dont need to work most the other muscles in my body cuz i get a workout from just paddling on the surfboard. I JUST WANTED TO BULK UP MY CHEST AND ARMS. you two are complete assholes. i posted in the beginner section because im a fkin beginner and i need some help. i dont need to be critisized. way to help out other ppl


You are expected to read the forum, articles and links in the website. Then if you don't find the information you post your question... You would have known what was going to happen if you read the site/forum for at least an hour of research.


Assholes? Maybe...

Correct? I'd say so...


If ya keep hitting the chest and what not you wont be able to show it since your uber pecs will be internally rotating your superguns and shoulders. What You'll end up with is a nice hunchback!

As was said eariler, assholes but dead right.


Prof X - That "horrible lawnmower accident" was damn funny.

Hey, neptune. Like marcusxavier said, read up on the site. Find vroom beginners guide. If you don't understand something, then post.

You asked "ive just started bulking out and i wanna make sure my routine isnt too far out of place before i get into it too long"

Well, it is. You are new to the site, but you must be new to the internet. Let me explain, when you ask silly questions, you will be helped. But you will be told in the standard form of communication on the Internet... Sarcasm. Lets give you an example.

You must also be new to a keyboard. If you hit the shift key (that's the one that says "Shift" and has an arrow on it) you can turn "i" into "I" as in "I can surf good." In fact, you can use the shift key to capitalize any letter of the alphabet. If you are wonder why you might need to, I'll give you a hint. Sentences start with capital letters. So here is a cheat. Every time you hit the "." button. Hold "shift" when you type the next one. Once you master that, we can talk about putting a ' between the "i" and "ve".


Even if they didn't go about answering your question in the nicest way they did answer it. This is a bodybuilding site and we take training very seriously. So when you say "bulking" like 30 times in your post but only metion training chest and arms you're probably gonna piss some people off.

Also if your a surfer wouldn't you want more strength in your chest and arms and not size? I honestly don't know but I haven't seen any 220+ pound surfers out there.


Assholes, they may be. But you should still be working every muscle even if your only goal is to look good. Otherwise, you will end up looking strange and disproportionate. More importantly, muscle imbalances will likely lead to to injury down the line.

Check out Vroom's beginners thread for solid training and diet info. I'll bump it up for you after this post. I find it extremely sad that people can take the time to bash and fail to post a link or reference a thread that can actually help. Sad, sad, sad. And speaks very poorly.

Some may have actually deluded themselves into thinking they're helping with 'tough love'.
Really, it no doubt turns 10 people off to this site and maybe lifting generally that could benefit for every 1 it may help. The real thing it does is make those posters feel better about themselves.


Really? Is there a memo when people login to this site that says to go read the articles? No. Not everyone knows. And if someone can take the time to post just to say that the original poster should've read the article, they can sure as hell give the name of an article that would actually halp that poster. Ridiculous.


Here is the link to Vroom's beginner thread:


Get reading. Come back with questions


The first post on this forum is permanent and it reads something like "New to T-Nation?". At the end of the post there is a link to vroom's beginner thread. Nothing magical or hidden about it. It is not very hard to miss if you are serious about your pursuit of knowledge.


Fair enough. So, an appropriate response to this guy's post would go something like this: most of us here don't agree with your goals, but if you want to be a a skinny bitch that's your choice. You still need to work all your body parts even if you only care about looks, and more importantly to prevent injury. See New To T-Nation thread in this forum. Get reading. Come back with a solid program and some real questions.


Sorry but I need to join the avid arsehole club (it's nice down here isn't it?)
You wanted help and you got it mate, expect it and get used to it.

Ok, I'll try and keep this civil but whatever. If you want a beach body...learn to squat and deadlift. Even if you quotes 'just want to bulk my chest and arms' you know why? Because through the magic process of trial and error, you'll discover your arms and chest will actually do quite alright and your beach body will be much better if you do some huge compound movements.

In Shugart's words, you need to do more chins and less curls. It's the same idea all over, you need to work everything or the rest of your body becomes a limiting factor as your body stops you growing to stop you injuring yourself.

Oh and maybe I'm just a lunatic but I think you're somewhat kidding yourself if you say you're getting a complete workout on a surfboard. I don't surf personally but I ooldn't say anything apart from heavy manual labour, not even rowing can replicate a proper full body weights program


New points:

To the retard who posted after the Prof, if you're going to be an asshole, at least be a witty asshole. "The forearm is a main muscle?" I'm glad you understand the way English works.

Anyways, to Neptune, a beach body is a bad idea due to the previously mentioned imbalances. If you work out your chest too much without doing any pulling movements like rows or deadlifts, or simply not working out your back at all, injury and really weird porportions will follow. For the best bulking of your arms, do big compound exercises, and hit the legs too. It's been shown that at a certain point, until the rest of your body catches up, you simply won't be able to put on much more mass on just your biceps.

That stuff you won't get in the beginner's articles, so now go read those.


Talking to a guy that wants nothing but chest and arm about how to prevent injury will get you nowhere. They won't listen. He will scan right over and not even read.

You can only tell him 2 things that might register.

1 - You are doing everything right. Keep it up. Bulk those forearms.

2 - Do you have a back, shoulders or calves or were they lost in an accident?...

The first one will keep him on the same path. The second will piss him off. But at least he will read it.

Plus, do you know what would happen if every post was answered like you said. There's an article about that. It's call "Shitstorm" by TC. This would be a boring site.

I like a Gershwin tune, how about you?


I'm all for horsing around. But plenty of these 'snap some sense into posts; have no useful information. This site has a wealth of resources. At least reference a damn article that could be helpful along with the bashing. Being so 'frank and blunt' that posters think you're an asshole and never end up utilizing the many resources to learn how to train properly may be fun or funny but it doesn't change anyone's approach.


This is false. It very often does. What you don't see are these same guys come back and PM things like, I originally thought you were just being a smartass, but could you help me with... Your opinion is quite in the dark about the psychology of these guys. You don't walk up to the avid curler in the gym and say, "hey, have you ever considered training your back because it is useful to have balance and blah blah blah". They will shut you out immediately because it isn't what they want to hear. You seem to not understand this.

Tell me, do you think he is following your advice now? He has seen the light? He is now doing deadlifts tonight? Bullshit. Most people in this world will simply be the ones who take up space in the gym...if they even go regularly. Those who are willing to work hard for years are few and far between. You have actually deluded yourself into believing they are all being run away.

Common sense should tell you that ones worth the effort would not run. You don't get into someone's head who has already formed an opinion and make abrupt changes through your approach. All you would end up with is thousands of one question, one answer threads where the guy who asked the question never returns to post a reply. This would become the bodybuilding Dear Abby. Excuse me if I don't jump for joy at this idea.

So, let's do this. You worry about you and let everyone else worry about them. That way, everyone is happy and you can pretend that you are saving all of the poor defenseless posters who have been injured by mean old posts. Good luck.

Oh, and this guy got advice. I guarantee that he paid attention even if he didn't like it.


I do agree that after a smack down. A link to some help should be given.