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Bulk is Stalling. Increase Which Macro?


Hey guys, I'm currently starting to stall out in my bulk. My lifts are still slightly increasing but the scale has different thoughts. I'm on roughly 3000cal/day on a 40/40/20 split P/F/C trying a high protein/fat approach.

What macro would you guys recommend I increase to up the cals 200-300/day. I can post an image of my diet from fitday if that might help as well.


If you don't handle carb well, then up the fat. If you do, then up carbs. I'm sure someone will correct if wrong, but I don't think it matters too much.


bulking on 3000cals/day?



Bulking off of high fats? It's possible...just not the best method, IMO. Carbs are good for muscle gain. Save the low carbs for when you're dieting down or at maintenance, unless you actually have some sort of condition where you absolutely HAVE to eat low carb.

I'd say lower the fats to around 25-30% and raise the carbs to 30-35%. After that, what matters the most is how many calories you're taking in...so from there you can up it entirely from carbs, or some carbs and some fat.

Make sure your protein/EFA needs are met. :slight_smile:


Yea I'm not a big guy and have only been lifting consistently for a year. I had been gaining on that but looks like I need to up it a bit. So either fat or carbs?


Given what little information you provided us (we still haven't seen what a typical day of eating looks like), it's difficult to answer your question. What we do know is this: a 40/40/20 split of 3000 calories amounts to 300 grams of protein, 133 grams of fats and 150 grams of carbs per day.

I suggest doing yourself a colossal favor and educating yourself. You've already found a relatively abundant resource of information (T-Nation). Now get to work.


Agreed. Stats would help tremendously; although I can say that you should definitely up the carbs and not the fats. In fact you could probably even stand to lower the fat by a decent amount.


How is this not possible for some?

What if someone weighs 150 to 170?


GOMAD, buddy :wink:


What if OP gave us enough info to go on?

All I can do is relate 3000cals to my world, which is close to what I had for breakfast and first snack.

jus sain


Okay here's what I ate yesterday

Haha, yea I'm only 5' 8'' and 140lbs at the moment, 22 yrs old

Squat 190x5
Dead 250x5
Bench 160x5

Reason for lower carbs is that I believe my cortisol levels are high and testosterone levels are low (I'm getting blood work done in 2 weeks). I've read increasing fats can help to increase T-levels and decreasing carbs can help decrease cortisol levels. Also I'm looking to gain 1/lb a week. I know upping the cals past 4000 will increase my weight but I'm not in a huge hurry, just stalling at the moment


We're making some headway here, and thanks for the image. However, we don't know what your individual meals look like and where your workouts fit in, which is problematic.

Also, be mindful that these online calorie and macronutrient trackers are only as useful as you use them correctly. What I mean here is this: there is a notable difference between a unit of cooked and uncooked food items, especially if you are consuming frozen meats and poultry. The water lost during the thawing and cooking process is enough to account for a significant difference between what you think you're eating versus what you're actually eating.

Regardless of the above, I'd still recommend consuming additional carbs. One gram of carbs per lb of bodyweight is insufficient to ilicit any appreciable gains in size. You're basically running your body into the ground, despite your belief that any macronutrient manipulation will result in considerable or beneficial hormonal shifts. I mean, you're only 22! Your test levels should be through the roof!

Hope this helps.


I like a lower carb approach as well. But, around my workouts I have a good amount of carbs. I eat A LOT OF FAT and I do think it helps t levels. I'm much more ummm nice to my girl now expecting returns.

Everybody's different and the problem with most approaches/dietary staples is that they categorize people.


Eat more beef.


This pretty much sums things up--from my perspective at least. I'd have a minimum of 1.5g carbs/lb. with 2g/lb being ideal.


Thanks for your comments about the online calculators, and yes I take into account cooked/uncooked for my meats. I put the foods in order throughout the day, it looks like this:

8:30-6 eggs with spinach/salsa
11:00-1 cup oats with berries/1 scoop XF UP 2.0 PREWORKOUT
1:15-1.5 scoops myofusion POSTWORKOUT
2:30-9oz chicken (weight after cooked), ton of broccoli, apple, olive oil
6:30-8oz 93/7 beef (weight uncooked), spinach/zucchini , avocado, olive oil
9:30-3 tbsp Peanut Butter, 1.5scoops casein sludge

You suggesting I should up the carbs postworkout I guess? I'm more of a fan of loading them before to give me a boost of energy.

I feel like I've got the basics set I'm just missing something for me.


How long have you been bulking? If its been for more then 4-6mo you might want to drop cals back and maintain for 1-3mo to give your body a new set point, and then go back up in calories.

It's a slow process, but it really helps ward off fat gain and it won't end your bulk with you eating 6,000 calories to maintain 198lbs.


Reason I'm trying lower carb was stated a few posts ago. I'm getting bloodwork done in a couple weeks, but I've got symptoms of high cortisol and low test which would indicate a high fat/low carb might be a better approach.

It's been about 4 months (up from a little over 125lbs to just under 140 now).

Weight gain started slow since I was scared to up the cals too much (former fatty), then steadied to .5-1 lb/week after hitting 2800-3000cals per day, now are stalling to nothing the past 3 weeks.

I really don't want to quit now especially considering I'm at such a light weight. I'm prime age for building muscle now right???


I'd give it a few more months, try cleaning yoru diet up too while keeping calories the same (switch to whole grain, organic stuff if youre not using that. there is a lot to be said for better-for-you healthy foods).

you are pretty light, and if you are a FFB then bulking (without getting fat) is going to be a problem...i suggest reading up on all the other FFB's on this site...there are a lot of them.


Stay the course and continue bulking, you haven't gained a crazy amount of weight. 15lbs in 4 months is very modest--I'd up it to at least 3,300.