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Bulk Freezer Meals for Food Allergies

Maybe a fun challenge for some of you: My go-to for years has been a big pot of chili that I can divide up and put in the freezer. Healthy protein and vegetables, great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a pinch. Quick and easy to make and freezer friendly - with my work lifestyle, that is exactly what I need (unlike the chicken breasts I stopped buying - despite best intentions, end up throwing them away). Chili making me sick? Yes. Willing to believe it? No. Stupid? I like to think stubborn.

Well, after skin followed by blood allergy tests, no more:

  • Tomatoes. Yup, chili, salsa, ketchup.
  • Nuts. If allergic to some, they said avoid all.
  • Peanuts. Unbelievable.
  • Sesame Seeds. What?
  • A couple of obscure things.
  • Also - you don’t want to be in the same room if I’ve had dairy.

So - now looking for meals (even breakfast if you have ideas) that are quick to prepare in bulk, freezer-friendly, with protein and vegetables. I do best on a lower carbohydrate, higher-fat diet but don’t mind something hypoallergetic like rice. Fortunately all meat and eggs are fine for protein, just no dairy or nuts.

This is my problem, I know. I’m looking. Admittedly at the moment I’m bummed (I mean, peanuts? Why couldn’t it be grapefruit?) so I’d really appreciate the inspiration.


What about a big pot of home made veg n chicken soup and just drop in a large potato into the bowl and EAT…

My mum makes it from scratch, roasts a whole chicken rips it up and drops it in the pot bones included with a mountain of veg. When ready just pull the bones out and put the soup through the blender. cooking it with the bones still attached makes a richer flavor.


You can stir fry some mince (ground beef) with assorted veg and it freezes ok, as I discovered one weekend I was going away and had leftover meat and veg. Chilli minus the tomatoes, basically.