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Bulk for a Year Straight


Who thinks I should bulk for a year straight with no breaks? Calorie surplus for a year.


If you're doing it right then you could bulk for much more than a year. What's your BF% and training experience?


I like to think I'm at the intermediate level. Been lifting seriously for about 18 months (squats and deaflits, rows, etc). I would say right now I'm 15% bf (estimate) at 207. I'm training for powerlifting.

I'm guilty of dieting down for a month every 4 months because I start feeling fat.


Go for it. I thought about trying to cut down to look pretty for summer, but eventually just said fuck it. Now I've been "bulking" since August 08. The result: 30-35lbs heavier, bigger muscles, and natural tattoos all across my arms and hamstrings.


I think bulking for 3+ years is the way to go.

Is there some universal time to bulk which just has to be followed by a cut?

If your training for powerlifting, you should be able to gain strength without having to gain alot of, if any weight.


LOL yeah, I've got stretch marks on my thighs too. I squat 3x a week on the "Texas method."



I said fuck summer cutting too, and now im 40lbs heavier since Jan 09. Im goin to keep bulking till March 10. Just remember It takes years to gain muscle, and only weeks to lose fat if you dont get obese, just keep that in mind.


Man, I've been bulking for like 5 years now. If you want to put on any serious weight you have to do it. Doing a diet every 4 months is like taking one step forward and two steps back.

If you are worried about fat gain keep your bulk cleaner and keep the cardio up.


I gotta admit, I used to have this problem too, but I said to hell with it and managed to gain about 25lbs in a year... followed by a cut lol


How long you think it will take you to get to 10% from 20+%?


i started bulking back in May and im about 15lbs heavier, I dont plan on stopping for a while, im still fairly lean though but as said above it takes years to gain muscle and weeks to cut. I say keep bulking untill you feel you have a very solid base of muscle, or beyond.


i believe 1.297 years is best :wink:
are you asking as a dare or if it is a good idea?

Bulk until you are no longer meeting YOUR goals. Just don't be scared of it. It is an acceptable goal to gain more than you really want too knowing you will go back down to it when you cut. Might even take 5 years to get there :slightly_smiling:


LOL yea, kind of a dare hahaha.

I'm tired of backtracking. I already bought bigger underwear, shorts, and t-shirts. I'm done playing around, I want to get BIG now, like pro football player big. Somebody tell me it's okay to get fat so I do this damn thing.


That depends on a lot of factors.. Things like your metabolism, nutrition intelligence, consistency, and how hard you cut your calories. Everyone is different, therfore I can not give you a good time frame.

Im planning on taking a slow gradual cut, so I can minimize muscle loss which could take up to 6 weeks, but who really knows until I actually do it?

Im Just looking at the big picture, cutting weight is faster than bulking.


Thats the spirit. You dont have to get fat man. Eat a shit ton of clean foods, and you should be alright.


First of all, that has to be the best avatar I've seen in months.

Second, WITH ME PERSONALLY I have to be in a surplus to gain strength. Just something I've noticed while tinkering with the diet. I keep a log and count calories.


ive been bulking since day 1

closing in on 3 years


What weight class do you compete in? If you're moving up a weightclass, fucking giver


Either 198 or 220.


bulk to 220 if that's the goal. I see no harm, probably make your lifts monstorous too.