Bulk first and then Cut?

I’m ready for a few cycles and want to know if the proper routine is to bulk first, then cut?
I can see how a cut first and then bulk would work too.
I’m an amateur bodybuilder and have good definition with the exception of belly fat so a cut first might help with that, and then a lean bulk?


Good definition and belly fat are counter intuitive.
Can you post a few pics?


Would you clarify?
Have you actually been on stage?

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In addition to the above, I’ll just offer that I think trying to see far into the future holds a lot of us back (unless you have really specific goals and deadlines). If you’re fatter than you want, right now, go ahead and diet it off right now.

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Have not but could with a little extra work.

I like this response and thank you…I’m literally muscular and lean everywhere but the belly. It’s because I enjoy my cocktails but I’ve eliminated them recently.
I think I’m going to continue my 600mg test/wk, run low dose anadrol (50-75mg), 20mg Nolva, and 50mg proviron for 6 weeks and decide at that point if I go 2 more weeks.
I’m pretty confident with a 2500 calorie high protein low carb diet I can work this belly down significantly.
Thanks for your response.

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Oh this one of those thread’s.


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That’s a a good bit of testosterone.

Yes, it is a low dose for aplastic anemia treatment.

height, weight?
post a pic.
post your daily macros.
post your training routine be specific, each day, sets, weights, reps, and movements.