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Bulk Diet for Endomorphs


Hey guys,

I've been reading up on a number of articles in this forum regarding my diet. I'm a mesomorph and from reading articles on T-Nation I've learned the following for my goals:

  • BMR: 1720.665 kcals
  • Amount of calories I burn in a day = 1720.665 x 1.6 = 2753.064 kcals
  • In order to grow,I must consume (2753.064 x 0.2)+ 2753.064 = 3303.68 kcals.
  • Proteins I need to consume = 1.5 g x 155lbs = 232.5 g (930 kcals).
  • Carbs I need to consume = 0.25 x 155lbs = 38.75 g (155 kcals)
  • Fats I need to consume = 246.5 g (2218.68 kcals)

From my research, I need to reduce my carb intake to 0.25g per lb body weight, while fat will contribute 90-100% of my energetic calories.

1.) Does my data look right? Am I including too much fat in my meals?
2.) What foods can satisfy my fat requirements in a meal (excluding fish oil)? I plan to consume 5 meals per day.

Thank you for your help!


you should probably eat more carbs, if youd like to grow alot....yup

youll probably get a little fat...yup

will it be worth it...yup


How much will adding more carbs make a difference? I'm an endomorph so eating alot of carbs will only make me chubby.

By how much should I increase my carbs?



Not sure where you did your research...were you planning on including a carb refeed? You can't just go low carb all the time, endomorph or mesomorph (and for some reason you claim to be both). At the very least you should be eating more carbs around your workout.

You can get fat from meat, oil, and nuts. Get a balance of saturates and mono- and polyunsaturates. Fish oil is not the only "good fat" out there.


I got my information reading all of Christian Thibaudeau's articles.

How much should I raise my carbs without having it converted to adipose, if at all possible?

Thank you!


CT is a machine and goes no carb, but CT is CT

However, if you want to gain muscle, do not be too afraid to gain some fat as well

Here is an abridged setup:

Complex Carbs within 2 hours before and after resistance training are probably a good idea

another 75g of simple carbs during and after workout, also good idea

so basically, getting around 200g of carbs on a workout day is not a bad idea (read: do it bro and youll thank us one day)

however, going keto( 25g of carbs is wayyy keto) is going to probably restrict gains in the long run



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