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Bulk Diet for a Beginner?


hello i just start to train a week ago, i built myself a diet for bulking, i just want to see if its good one.
age- 31
height- 5’7
weight- 130 lbs

Meal 1- 2 hard boiled eggs with quark and 1 apple.

Meal 2-
30g of Honey Nut Cheerios with milk
30g of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with milk
40g quaker white oats

Meal 3
100g rice with 100g Chicken breast

meal 4
100g sweet potato with 100g Ground beef

meal 5
Dymatize Super Mass Gainer with water

meal 6
salad with one slice of bread and few nuts

thnx for the help.


What are the macros? Also, where are the vegetables?


Yep as above add vegetables especially greens


veggies in the salad that contains onion tomatos and Cucumbers.


Your bulk diet is ok but as was said above add some veggies. It’s very useful for health, not caloric and tasty:)


Only one of those is a vegetable and how much onion are you going to put in a salad anyway, an eighth?

That’s like taking an eye drop full of water and saying you drink water.


what i like to do is make a shake about an hour before bed and just drink that. Put ice cream, bananas, protein powder, peanut butter, and spinach.take your time bulking.


Yeah have a proper portion of veg as well, green beeans, peas, peppers… whatever.
Bit broscience but if taking “super mass gainer” its a good idea to get a lot of healthy stuff to balance it out.
If 130lbs you can eat unlimited vegetables at this stage with only good things happening in terms of body composition


If you cook pasta type dishes, make a vegetable pesto is a super easy way to get them in. Blend a bunch of tomato, capsicum, spinach and fresh basil with some garlic and olive oil and pour over some mince for a wild pasta sauce that is basically liquid veg


Might be a good start, but I think it needs another meal. Take out the mass gainer.

Definitely more vegetables because whatevers in the salad seems minimal - maybe add that salad to your lunch and dinner too. Dry fruit is an easy way to get fruit in AND extra carbs.

If you don’t know your macros, calculate those and base your intake off that.


thnx everybody for the answers, i dont like greens stuff like Lettuce,
broccoli, spinach etc… do i have to put them into the diet?


I’d work up to it.

Consider cauliflower and broccoli:


i actually really like cauliflower. i dont put it in “greens” catagory. if it can repalce the green in the diet it will be just fine, anyway what is the advantages?


Dawg, did you read the article?

Broccoli and Cauliflower contain myostatin inhibitors. I don’t know how much you’d have to eat to have that “double muscled” look. But even if the myostatin inhibition is minimal, you’re still getting all the other nutritional benefits of vegetables and you’ll need the fiber for all that protein you’re eating.