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Bulk Diet Evaluation


Ok, heres my diet plan starting today, before today i have had only a protien shake for 2, 4 and 6.

  1. Porridge + 4 scrambled whole eggs.
  2. Small portion of white rice and chicken breast.
  3. Larger portion of white pasta and chicken breast.
  4. Small portion of white rice and chicken breast.
    workout and post workout shake in between 4+5
  5. whatever the family has for dinner. usually an balanced meal with meat, veg and potatoes.
  6. Small portion of porridge and a shake.

I am doing my best to not use supplements as a meal replacement but for pre bed i think its pretty much perfect. I use the USN IGF-1 shake which is a long releasing triple protien source shake with only 2g of carbs per serving.

Im posting this to just see what people would put in/take out for a pretty lean bulking diet plan.

maybe more fruit veg?

meals 2 +4 have to be small/easy/quick to consume because they are on 15 minute breaks at work.

might have to tone the portion sizes down a little.

so what you guys think?


Try it out for a couple weeks and report back. it may be too much it may be too little it be just right. Of course you dont need to eat that many meals if you dont want. Just make sure to get the right macros in and right amount of cals each day and you are good to go.


A couple notes:

  1. Where are the fats? Unless you are getting a decent amount of fats in your dinner, I see only some eggs.
  2. You mentioned "maybe more fruit veg?"... Some people will argue the "need" for veggies, but I'd make sure you are getting a serving of fruit and 2-3 servings of veggies (mostly green) a day minimum.
  3. What is your post workout shake?
  4. I agree with Ryan 100%. Don't force yourself to eat on your breaks just because 'You are supposed to'. obviously if you are hungry, go for it. I only eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pre-bed anymore because breaks are so random at my work that trying to plan a diet around them makes no sense.


cheers fellas.

*agreed, ive forced myself before and it resulted in fat gains. Just trying to hold that hunger pang with real food instead of a protien bar/shake. but will really lower the portion sizes of the smaller meals and pre bed if i start to get to higher bf.

*yeh what good fats could i add in?

*i defo need more fruit and veg. so fruit with breakfast and veggies added to lunch will be easy enough.

*post workout is a protien shake. which is really good, (whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, egg albumen and soy protein isolate). some times a add oats to it but dinner is never far around the corner when i get back.


For good fats, just start reading EVERYTHING by John Meadows. He'll give you a great idea on what you should be eating in that category. Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Butter, Red Palm Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Fish Oil, Fresh Caught Salmon, Avocadoes, etc...

With your workout shake, there are a lot of differing views. Just do what works for you, though I'd recommend experimenting. Try loading up on your pre-workout carbs and protein with a little fat for a few weeks, try some intra-workout stuff, down the post-workout carbs for awhile, try a mixed approach, etc...
For me, I like a blended approach (start a few minutes before with some carbs and protein, finish that drink at the end of my workout, then eat a solid meal within an hour or so post workout).


ile give john meadows a read! cheers