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Bulk Cycle Questions

Hi all,
So I am planning on starting my first bulk cycle withing the next month or so and was looking for some guidance on dosages and frequency. I will be taking test e, deca, and dbol. I am planning on doing the test and deca at 500 mg a week for each. So 1000 mg total between the two of them. Is this a good/safe dose for my first time? Also I’m not sure about the orals. Do I start taking those before I begin pinning or at the same time? And what would be the correct dosage and frequency? I will do more research but wanted to post this to get some feedback. Thank you.

You should probably include your stats; height, weight, bf, bench, squat, deadlift. Your question is too wide open to generate any response from the guys here. Include your goals as well, touch upon your diet - is it clean, can you get it clean. Hit your history as well, how long have you been lifting, what kind of training - BB or PL?

Read a bunch more posts to understand what is needed, then re-post.

Good luck.

First gear cycle? You need to understand PCT theory and practice before you do anything else.