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Bulk Cycle, Finish with Cut Cycle


Hey so I just started a bulk cycle. test c, deca, dbol.
Taking 500 mg test week, 400 mg deca week, 40 mg dbol ed.
Plan on running dbol week 1-6, deca week 1-10, test week 1 -12. I was wondering if I could run a cut cycle after the deca. So maybe something like test run to about 14 weeks and start anavar after week 10 and run that till week 14 with the test? Any thoughts? I will be running nolva for post. I am also taking arimidex .5 eod during cycle.




I’de get some caber or Prami since your running Deca. But yea man you can run Var or Winny from week 10 until u start your pct. if it were me I’de switch to prop and NPP starting week 9-14 and go into pct. the fast acting esters along side Winny or Var and a diet change with some cardio should harden you up and show off your gains pretty well.

My 2cents