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Bulk Cycle Check

Hey guys, I have been on here last three years and always got good feedback from you just wanted you all to check my program and point out any holes in it or suggestions.

It is about my 7th overall cycle. 4th bulk. My first was just 500mg of test Cyp a week for 12 weeks then I have done two Test C/Tren E/Dbol bulk cycles and all three were successul. The last Tren cycle got to be as far as sides. I am not so young anymore so I wanted to try a more traditional cycle and take out tren. Here is were I am at:

Age: 45
Height: 6’6
Weight: 275

Dbol - 50mg/Day x 6 weeks

Test Cyp - 600mg/week x 12 weeks with a mon/thurs pin schedule (looking for advice here) With Tren I usually dont go as high with Test when I do 600mg Tren E a week. What Ive read but alot of different opinions here is that I need more Test than I would with Tren for better results

Deca Durabolin (Phenyl) - 150mg EOD x12 weeks

Adex - .25 EOD - will adjust as needed

Caber - (In case of pred issues but will start at 1mg a week.) (Looking for advice here as well, 1mg a week worked with Tren)

No PCT - I am 45 and my natural production is shot due to a medical issue. I have never used until I was 41 when my primary care said I needed to start TRT. So I blast and cruise and will continue to do so.

Any feedback is appreciated and I noted the areas specifically I could use input on but please add any feedback where you see fit.

Thanks in advance

Any reason to front load? I am kickstarting with Dbol, I see people talk about front loading and some say its useless. Anyone with experience on front loading and can say whether it works or not or is worth it?

If it’s your first cycle I would suggest not front loading testosterone. Really the proper way to go about this is to use test prop for the first 4 weeks along side the longer ester test.

Front loading test will cause a major spike in estrogen and can easily lead to serious bloat. If you plan on using dbol as well i really suggest. It doing it.

I run test e 600mg a week very effective and I use the dboil to start too…you don’t need more than 30 mg a day for 4 weeks and then its done doing

You don’t need to pin the NPP eod. E3d would be fine. It won’t hurt to do it more frequently but I’m trying to save you some holes in you body.

I have used Dbol twice and both times at 30mg. I figured I would try a little more this time and I was always told 6 weeks max, I have never ran test over 500mg a week but usually I run it with Tren so there really isnt a need that is why I was asking about running it with NPP. Do you run that 600 test with NPP and if so how much for NPP do you run?

Ok, I definitely wasnt a fan of running Tren A EOD my first time with Tren. Moved on to Tren E so I think Ill take your suggestion. What amount would you suggest on E3D pin?

Good to see you are still on the board Iron, you have jumped in on most of my post over the years and I have used allot of your suggestions with good success.

Thanks for the input.

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Hey Zeek, not my first go at it. Just my first time using NPP. My other bulk cycles used Tren/Dbol/Test C and one I used EQ for the appetitie increase but for some reason that combo suppressed my appetite and was my only cycle that didnt go as planned.

I would suggest test prop at the beginning if you are looking for quicker action of the test.

Or you could just run the cycle 4 weeks longer if you feel you want a more solid 12 weeks of highly elevated levels.

I see now you have 7 cycles down so you have run enough cycles to know exactly how you respond to test. If you never have issues with estrogen or bloat etc then a front load probably won’t cause any issues.

Yea, I don’t think I’ll do it on this one. I haven’t front loaded before but saw a post here about it. I’ll go with what works for me. I really am just trying to see if NPP really does what they say it does for joints. I’m 45 and my joints kill me so any reprove would be great. My last go around with Tren was a long cycle. Sides got to me abit.

I ran deca (prescribed) at 100mg/w for what ended up being 17 weeks. It really was excellent. Even that low dose made everything feel just a little bit better. Walking up stairs was the most noticeable difference. I didn’t have the usual aches in my knees. It’s wwll worth it if you tolerate it.

That’s awesome to hear, I’m going to run more than that but if it has that type of relief I’ll be adding it in all my cycles. I have the same issues with stair and leg extensions are a killer to. Leg day in general is a nightmare any more lol. Well thanks for some hope. I’ll start it up next week.