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Bulk & Cut Length


How long would you recommend to spend in each of these phases. I've read that spending periods of time doing these the same wouldn't be optimal.



WTF? Bulk for as long as you need to get as big as you want. Cut for as long as you need to get as lean as you want.



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This is more or less the case. But to steer you in the right direction a little more, you typically will "bulk" for MUCH longer than you will be "cutting."

What you want to focus on most is getting the most out of your bulking cycle(gaining size, strength), not going overboard and getting overfat (I've made that mistake before, keep cardio in if you have this tendency) and then getting your cutting cycle done in an efficient, quick manner so you can get back into gaining mode ASAP.

If you happen to get bit by the bug and become a lifetime lifter (non competing), you will be spending YEARS in gaining mode and a few weeks every now and then dieting down.