Bulk/Cut Cycle?

Is it possible to do a 8 week bulk cycle(Cyp-500 week, D-bol 30mg a day First 4 weeks, Anadrol 1 tab a day last 3 weeks) With nolva throughout, follwed by a 8 week cut cycle(winny 50mg EOD, masteron 400 week last 4 weeks) with no break in between without jeopardizing ones health. I know there will be some health risks, but would it be relatively safe? And would Proviron help out in the cut cycle?

Considering the fact you’re proposing Nolvadex ran with the cycle, pointing complete obliviousness to the hundreds of posts in which other members have stated that a SERM is unnecessary (unless symptoms of gyno occur) have posted, the answer is brief: Yes, it is technically possible but you lack entirely too much knowledge to pull it off.

And that’s not me being a jerk, it’s blunt honesty.

yea I definitely agree with contrl, while you could do that it seems like this is your first cycle, however I could be wrong. Why not just stick with the test and dbol maybe extend it to a 10 week cycle, take some time off then try and go for the cut cycle. I have never heard of anyone using nolva throughout, some might use adex during a cycle but that is usually with higher dosages or if they are susceptible to estrogen buildup

You’d only use nolvadex during a cycle if you started experiencing gyno symptoms, and just for long enough for those symptoms to subside. It is a SERM and is typically used as part of PCT to help bring endogenous testosterone levels back to normal. If you wanted to use an anti-E during cycle you’d use an aromatase inhibitor like arimidex. Do some research so you can fully grasp the difference, these drugs are not interchangeable.

Most probably wouldn’t recommend back to back cycles like that, particularly if you weren’t an experienced user. What’s the hurry?

No hurry. Just wondering for future reference. Will be ending my 2nd cycle in a week. Looking into my 3rd for some info.