Bulk/Cut Cycle vs Maintenance Calories?

Yo guys,
From research many different guys prefer doing bulk and cut cycles…others prefer just to always continue with their maintenance calories and work to just improve whilst staying within their LBM range.

Was just wondering what you guys prefer?

oh and also if you do bulk and cut cycles, what cycles do you do e.g Short cycles like 6 week bulk, 2/3 week cut or long cycles e.g. 8 month bulk, 4 months cut??
and do you guys always stick to your target weight/LBM or just judge by the way you look in the mirror for the shape you want to be in??


Nobody is going to get anywhere on 6 week bulk cycles - this was answered in your post in the begginners forum. Start thinking in terms years of bulking before your first cut and you will be on the right track.

To have any size gains, one must be eating a surplus of calories. This is typically referred to as a “bulk” cycle. Some can keep fat gains to a minumum by eating just higher than what is required to gain muscle given the workload, but this is very hard to estimate and gains will come slowly. If you want to gain mass, face the fact that some fat will accompany the gains and deal with it.