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Bulk Buy Bulking


Ok, so there are some of us who just cant afford to bulk the normal way, whether your in college, going through financial difficulties or just want to save money and dont care about your taste buds.

I thought it would be good to compile a list of places you can bulk buy healthy bulking foods, whether it be on the internet, though connections with certain stores, or just outlets which let you buy in bulk.

The health benefits of some foods are under discussion, and it would be very helpful to see results from people who eat against the grain of "variety is everything" because, lets face it, if you buy in bulk to save money, you simply CANT have variety.

Which foods would be best to eat if you wanted to gain weight on low variety and not have gastrointestinal/cardiovascular/endocrinological/digestive problems? We do have to remember first comes health, then money.

It has been shown many a time an unsuccessful bulk from not sticking to the 7 rules and the golden ratios of f:c:p. So we are presuming you will still eat your veggies and not be stupid about proportions etc. How much LBM can you get for how much money?

So, I am going to be starting my BBB, how about you?


Ok to start us off, here

http://www.kokonutpacific.com.au/OilSales/OilIndex.html?OilHome.html - up to 560cal for $1. "a dollar a day keeps the skinny away!"


I like the option of being able to get 1000 liters of the stuff.

Bulk Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil shipments delivered to any part of the globe

* Containers of 200L Drums or 1000 Litre IBC's
* 1000 Litre Pallecons and  IBC's
* 200 Litre Drums sold single or on pallets of 4
* Pallets of 20Litre pails or cubes
* Pallets of certified organic extra virgin coconut oil in 400ml or 750ml induction sealed jars
* Shipments can be customised to order


I love having loads of fruits when I'm bulking since this is a cheap way to add variety and relieve your taste buds of the same old flavors over and over again.

I love Sam's Club and Costco as well as Target.

At Sam's and Costco I get loads of cheap meat, nuts, peanut butter, eggs, milk, oatmeal, beans. Sam's Club also sells a 90 serving bag of protein powder for around 25 bucks.

At Target I can get tuna for around 45 cents a can. 45 cents for 36 grams of protein is an amazing deal.


Im soon to be going to university and have just been planning some of my meals actually for once I hit maintenance calories.

Not exactly ideal health wise but I will be substituting my usual mass of almonds for peanuts... 1.76 for a kilo at my local supermarket vs. £4-5+ for the same weight in almonds.

25g scoop of my protein powder, 50g peanuts, 5 fish oil caps and a small to medium carrot and we have ourselves a stupidly cheap P+F meal that fits all my macro requirements for a portable smallish meal.

edit: on the subject of fish oil caps - if you live in the UK check out www.bulkpowders.co.uk. Nowhere near the grade of Flameout but cheap as chips.


When I bulked, I always brought the bulk frozen vegetables, which come at around 25% of what fresh vegetables cost. Considering I ate 1-2lb bags per day, it really saved me in terms of cost and trips to the grocery store. To avoid the problems you're listing, just eat some green with every meal.

Peanut butter & almonds in bulk are cheap.

If you have an oven, buy some cheapo beef and make pot roast. Turkey is very cheap during the winter as well.

Eggs aren't as cheap anymore, but still relatively cheap. Dunno about other people, but my grocery store always seem to have sales on cheese that goes for ~$1.5 for a lb brick. Not the tasty stuff, but good calorie/$ ratio.

Hard to get a better deal than the Biotest whey for $32 dollars.


www.simplysupplements.co.uk is cheaper for fishoil.. just a heads up.

also go to www.myprotein.co.uk

and in their price comparision thing type in bulkpowders web address and you get some amazing deals. 5kg of whey + 5 kg of casein delivered to your house for less that 90 quid. try and beat that :stuck_out_tongue:


Trader Joe's for nuts, all-natural peanut butter, frozen fish, and some brands of protein powder.

Safeway is now selling 30 packs of eggs for $7.50


i get 36 extra large for 5$ :smiley:


Can someone price check on these? I dont usually buy fish oil, so is this clearance to jump for?