Bulk But Not all water stack

I was wondering how a stack with test prop and dbol would be.Im figuring since dbol gets youbulked but has waterweight that it will start out by getting me bigger, and once i hit in with the prop it will make the puffy look ripped and hoping the prop will take away the puffyness of the dbol.Im 20 years old 5’9 9% bodyfat weigh 170, is this dosage enuff?

I will be doing…
Week 1-6 50mg loeffler 25mg tabs(dbol)ed
Week 1-10 200mg Prop 100QV Mon and Thurs
Ending with Clomid

have you spent any time at this board? you sound like you came here straight from elite fitness.

Please explain to me what is your theory regarding testosterone propinate, and how it will not cause or should I say elleviate water retention?

First off, that prop will NOT make you look ripped and WILL NOT take away the “puffiness” (as you say) from the D-bol. I think you have a good stack there, but you’ve been misinformed somewhere.

Prop, or any other test for that matter, is great for bulking. It’s a strong androgen that will cause water retention and some fat gains. Prop is also VERY fast acting. I would inject every other day, or every 2 days ATLEAST… two days a week just doesn’t seem enough to maintain blood serum levels.

One more thing… up your test to 700-800mg per week atleast. Anything less isn’t worth it.

an anti-e like Adex will help w/ the puffiness

Yea, im new im not from anyother forum i just joined this 3 days ago.
OK, so this si what i will do …

Week 1-6 Dbol 50mg ed(Loeffler 25mg)
Week 1-10 150mg Prop100 eod (Qv)
The reason I am only Doin 150 eod is because i only have 5 jars of the prop.

Also i was wondering if Since i am going to be using the Prop, Will i be keeping more of teh gains.
I will be using 150mg Clomid ed Post cycle.

Thanks for your help

I like prop 100mgs ED…

But anyway, no matter what test you are using it has no influence on whether you keep more of your gains. The only way you can maximize keeping your gains is the appropriate pct and diet

should i just do d-bol and equpoise?
I have a 50 shot 50mg/ml
one thing i dont understand is i keep reading that equipoise is basically the same thing as dbol just you dont see results as quickly…my question is how can it be the same if it makes you more cut and doesnt add water…y are these 2 steroids compared?