Bulk and Cut or Recomp?

So I have posted alot of questions about cycles and anabolics but haven’t much on training

I’m 42 years old and currently on TRT at 150 mg a week of test c . I inject 50mg subcutaneously Monday Wednesday and Friday.
Lately when I eat a big meal I get more bloat then usual but that may be because of the test?

But anyways I’m about 5’ 6 and a 155 pounds.
I’m gonna get some around 18% body fat but unsure

Mabye someone can look at the pic and guess?

My goal is to get 175 pounds but between 13 and 15% body fat.
Something that I can maintain year round .
I watch a lot of videos of Greg Doucette. Any talks about how you can build muscle even in a calorie deficit.
And you don’t have to be a big calorie surplus to build muscle
Would yall agree?
I know a lot of the old school bodybuilders would bulk up and cut and yoyo diet but is that really necessary?
Can’t you just build muscle and stay lean?
Or recomp as they say I think

Might be time to look in the mirror and reevaluate everything.

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Damn. That was mistype.
I ment 175

Yes yessss yesssss. This is the way

You’re doing pretty good. Just keep doing what ever you’re doing until it no longer works.


You’re pretty lean. I put you around 12%, hard to tell though without seeing back or legs. You may carry alot of fat in your thighs and lower back.

Totally doable. If you have good intuition with eating you could even pull this off without really counting macros.

Yes I agree. I believe staying lean year round is continually internally motivating. Also, when you’re lean, it’s infinitely easier to tell if you’re putting on actual muscle mass.

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Yes as long as your not being ridiculous about how lean your trying to stay. Which is a indvidual thing.


You don’t look to be in a bad place. It is completely possible to stay at this relative level of body fat, and continue making progress. You don’t need to force-feed yourself and get fat, as it doesn’t really require a ton of extra nutrients to add muscle.

My advice is to take a good look at what you’re currently doing nutrition wise. Figure out your range of calories is, and then make sure that your macro breakdowns are intelligently planned out to ensure continued progress over time.



A recent scan had me at 19.5% ish body fat at 164cm (circa 5ft 4) and 69kgs (152 lbs) for reference.

My current training block is a recomp (following a cardio heavy previous training block), and I’m noticing good things re upper growth.

Echoing continue on your current path until things stall, then reassess.

Out of interest is TRT due to a low count?

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I walk my dogs twice a day and I’m a server so Mostly on my feet so when I get to the gym I’m pretty tired to do cardio lol
But I need to do more moderate intensity .

Yeah before I started running any gear I had my blood tested and my total test was 315.
My free test was 54.
My health doctor says that’s low normal but still normal range.
My HRT doctor said that it is low , Probably due to messing with steroids back in my 20 'sand we can try to bump up to in the 200 -300 free test range.

So I am not sure which doctor is really correct.