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Bulk Anavar Powder - What Shall I Do With It?


Hello peeps!

I got hold of Oxandrolone (Anavar) in powder form at 5g of it.

I was gonna run it at 100mg a day with 100mg oxymetholone. Two weeks on and two weeks off (x3) with clomid run throughout. (i know, i know, oral cycle bla bla bla)

But i don't know what to do with the powder? How do i measure out 100mg at a time? Someone told me that even if i have very sensitive digital scales, u're never gonna be accurate enough with the stuff, capping it and self-administering it. Well i don't have such scales anyway...

So how do i measure this out? Use a Creatine filler? Dilute it? In what? Titrate it out? How do i calculate it?

I'm lost.



The simplest way to probably be entirely accurate is to dissolve all 5 grams.

Slightly less accurate would be to carefully divide the 5 grams into what seems like even quarters and thus have about 1.25 grams in each quarter, then dissolve one of these.

Probably someone else has dissolved oxandrolone in some specific strength of alcohol and so can give you an exact figure.

On your dosing, I've done 75/75 and it was kick-ass.

This was before I'd ever considered the issue of estrogen dropping too low when not having any aromatizable steroid and having a suppressive cycle. I didn't have a resulting problem. From my own case I'd have to say it's possible one can get away with it when it's just 2 weeks. But I wouldn't know if that is true for everyone.

Or it might be that I had enough residual Clomid from the previous off-weeks to carry through and provide needed estrogenic effects in the regards in which the drug is estrogenic. (I don't know if it is able to do that however with regard to joints and libido, but it seems possible.)


cheers Bill.

So dissolve in alcohol? Only way to dissolve it? What sort of alcohol?


I dissolved it in vegetable oil when I did it, but it's been so long since then that I really can't say what concentration I was able to achieve. I have a remnant of a picture in my mind of the containers used: I am pretty sure they were less than 100 mL. I can't remember if I used 2 or 4. If 4, then it was 2 grams into no more than 400 mL.

Alcohol would have much more solubilizing power. That is, if it were very high proof alcohol such as 190 proof Everclear or, not as good but substantial, 161 proof rum, or even less so, 151 proof Everclear. If it is only vodka or something like that, it would perhaps still be better than vegetable oil.

Most likely someone does have a figure for you. Or if anyone has done Dianabol, oxymetholone, or stanozolol, the solubility of oxandrolone in alcohol/water would probably be somewhat less then any of these.


I missed the part about whether alcohol would be the only way (besides mentioning vegetable oil.)

Propylene glycol would work. Probably glycerine would as well. But I would use high-proof alcohol.


If one uses an amount of solvent sufficient to dissolve everything at room temperature (which I recommend) then there is no need for reheating.


sweet. i'm gonna get hold of some everclear and experiment with it.

would be interesting to hear from anyone else who has experience.

never done something like this. Always bought pre packaged pharmaceuticals. Fun experiment in itself!!


i'm worried about accuraccy with this method.


Strange combination - should be decent for strength and some nice muscle too actually. I don't disagree - it is C1 and C2, but it is just not a common stack.

Did you choose it specifically, or was it borne out of availability?

I would actually like to hear about the results gained from the cycle, as well as the cycle design, if you have done it. I am thinking about running a majority oral cycle - likely a base of 200mg Test too.. just to 'change things up' a bit :wink:


Also.. the method by which you get good accuracy for the dissolving in high proof alcohol, is-

Powder Displacement factor (DF): Powder Weight x 1ml
Volume (V): Powder Weight / Concentration (P/C)
Concentration (C): Powder Weight / Volume (P/V)
Powder Weight (P): 5g.
Solvent (S): volume - DF


DF = 5ml
V = 200ml
C = 25mg/ml
P = 5000mg
S = 195ml

So, add 195ml of Everclear or Overproof to the 5g of Var, stir/shake untill totally dissolved. This produces 200ml of 25mg/ml Anavar powder. 100mg/day (overkill IMO) will need 4ml of the final product.



Yeah, partlly necessity - in that i have oxymetholone from long time ago and fortuistously found bulk anavar powder 98% grade so thought why not?

Plus i read ToneBone or someone running a two-week on two-week off oral only cycle and he seemed to be raving about it AND, i don't want any mass gain, just something to help me train harder - i.e. the MMA training that i do 6x a week, so really only looking for strength. Otherwise for sure i'd add in some test prop or something.

So yeah, a bit of an experiment, and Bill's words up there fill me with confidence.


Cheers man. I'll go 75mg, i just heard tell the even at 50mg per day Anavar is very weak in its effects and cos i was only gonna be on it for two weeks at a time, thought my as well blitz it... still undecided though. I guess i'll decide when i mixed it up. Will keep you guys posted with a proper log in this thread.

safe blud


It is very weak at 50 mg -- for that matter I found it weak at 150 mg -- when taken by itself. I attribute that to it having about no Class II properties at all.

However the Anadrol will take care of that.

The 75/75 combination was far more effective than 150 mg/day of oxandrolone alone.


(Other post hasn't appeared yet, so can't just edit it to add this.)

One thing that 150 mg/day oxandrolone was NOT weak on was effect on aggression. Actually it did more of that than anything else ever has.

It's actually not a weak compound at all, but rather, very focused and incomplete in what it does, so by itself it is unsatisfactory. But for example, I consider 75 mg day each oxandrolone/oxymetholone to be more effective than what I'd expect from 75 mg/day test prop and 75 mg/day oxymetholone. So, per mg, oxandrolone shouldn't be called weak. I also think 75 mg oxandrolone is at least equivalant to 50 mg trenbolone acetate. Again, not weak. It might well be equal to 75 mg TA.


The thought was behind my point of 100mg var being too high wasn't about it being any less effective comparatively, but simply that it IS a weak steroid, and very expensive. IMO it should either be used in its normal range of 60-80mg/day for whatever benefits one desired it's inclusion for, and if one is looking for more effect, add a more effective drug rather than waste money increasing the dose of this weak but expensive steroid.

JMO however.


Yeah, thanks guys. I'll go with the 75mg, and maybe up it in the second/third cycles depending on how it go.

I actually got the 5g of the powder for under $100 from a very reliable source, so in that respect FUCKIN CHEAP!



LOL! Var powder is usually (trade) around $8-12/g - so you still paid alot - that said, it is much cheaper than standard pre-fab prices.


Ha, no i meant under $10, really, hey, look over there!


It is more convenient to dissolve it in alcohol but you get breath like a wino's!

Dissolving it in oil can get sickly if you're not used to knocking back shots of olive, fish, Udo's oil etc.

Or a scale and capping machine takes a bit of time and effort.

The choice is yours...

I'd probably go with oil as it is healthier and as having alcohol x3 a day (including breakfast!) gets old quick and co-workers dropping hints about AA is never fun.


You are aware that the amounts of alcohol required for dosing are trivial relative to the size of drinks consumed as beverages, and further that pure alcohol has little smell?