Bulging Muscle

If you know anatomy you might be able to help me out.

I have been deadlifting and squatting for about 10 months - meltdown style sometimes and RR&D style some other times.

I recently spotted a strange muscle appearing on my hips. It is right underneath the hip bone (on both sides).
It looks like a big cap or big bulging thing. What is this?

Is it the Sartorius? The gluteus minimus?

I hope somebody can identify this.

Thanks a lot.


possibly your hip flexors???

How low…or high…is it? It is probably your transverse abdominus and it is not a bad thing to have a protruding one.

The muscle is lateral to the body. Giving me a wider waist.

It is right inferior of the hip bone. It is also on the coronal axis, not anterior nor posterior, right in the middle of the frontal plane.

I don’t think it is an abdominis because it is low. You know, the bone of your hip - just underneath it. And it seems like the size of a baseball. It is freaky!

I attached a pic (of Dillet) for you, maybe you can identify it better visually.

It looks proportionally larger on me, maybe because the quads aren’t up to par with it. (whatever this “it” is)


Looks to me as the Tensor Fascia Lata

Sorry, forgot the pic!