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Bulging Forehead Vein?

Guys, not sure if this is the best place to put post, but it has come about by me ‘building a better bod’ Anyway prior to my Thai Boxing trip to Thailand in December I have been doing a lot more conditioning, my abs are getting more visible every week and i am maintaining current bodyweight of about 185 pounds.(haven’t measured body fat but i reckon about 12%) My veins all over are getting more prominent, the big bicep ones are looking good and my forearms are all getting narly. But one i have noticed more is the vein that runs on the right side of my forehead, after the gym it is really noticeable and every now and again i can feel it throbbing, My parents noticed it at the weekend and started freaking me out, Mum - “Ergh what that big vein on your forehead?!” , “Get yourself to the doctors etc. etc” Anyone else got these “Clint Eastwood” style head veins? Ever had a doc check them out? Is it just due to my bodyfat levels dropping that it has become more prominent?
cheers Bomber.

Yep. Mine is right in the middle of my forehead and forks to 2 veins. When lying on the bench for any exercies it REALLY jumps out.

try pushing it back in.

[quote]j4k3 wrote:
try pushing it back in.[/quote]

Sweet idea - lend me your face and i’ll headbutt it back in. :wink: