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Bulged Discs and Scapular Nerve Pain

Hey guys, in November of 2019 I was on TRT under a doctors supervision and came off because I was getting frequent Occular migraines (I literally go mostly blind) which I now know to be aggravation of the occipital nerve from the bulged discs and I can effectively treat them with stretches.

Shortly after Coming off TRT due to fears it was affecting my health I somehow, during reduced training, injured myself without much effort and it all started with what seemed like intense DOMS but it never went away and then the pain moved to my neck. I have it 3 weeks then contacted my primary care doc and they went straight to observing the neck with X-Ray and found 3 bulged discs in C3-4, 4-5 and 5-6 with 5-6 being the worst.

I was referred to a spinal clinic and received a steroidal epidural injection of dexamethazone. It didn’t work and on top of that I was the recipient of the rare side-effect of never ending, constant hiccups and had to be prescribed an anti-psychotic for it’s official label use of curing hiccups.

My primary care wasn’t listening to me or taking me seriously so I changed to a new doc and she immediately x-rated and MRI’d the shoulder and sent me to a real pain management clinic. As far as the shoulder goes there was no tissue damage which was really a surprise to me, but I do have bursitis in the shoulder. Most of my pain is being considered as nerve pain and not true tissue, muscular, or bone pain.

At the pain management clinic I received a nerve block injection which helped for about a week. Now, they offered another nerve block followed by a permanent nerve block that heats the nerve and is controlled with a remote or stem cell recruitment therapy.

After all of this crazy shit I have absolutely no idea where to go with this.

Could coming off TRT increase chances of injury? Staying off TRT with low T cause said injury to never fully heal? I’m obviously entertaining going back on TRT as I have an awesome doc who would allow me seeing as I fit the criteria of eligibility for treatment, but would it theoretically help the issue?

Anyone have any experience with stem cell recruitment shots/therapy?

Edit: since November or December 2019 my pain has been 7-9 most days all day.

If this needs to be moved to another category I’m sorry. Will post in TRT forum also. Thanks in advanced for any helpful advice.

As you’ve said your self its the discs -ie a mechanical issue. More and more extreme injections aren’t going to fix the root cause.
See a Chiro who is experienced with weight training populations/Contact sports/Football players etc and get your neck adjusted or just loosened up if you are not too far gone.

Look around this guys channel and try a bunch of his moves, lots of good otuside the box stuff…

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Wow, thanks for this video. I’m going to get to this ASAP.

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Many years ago:
Ruptured cervical disc = nerve impingement
Progressed over a period of 9 years until it gave way and resulted in neck and arm paralysis and severe neuropathy and disability, horrible pain.
Cervical fusion with plates and screws.
Long long recovery and rehab.
Some pain and neuropathy remains but regained 90% use of arm.

Doctors: MD’s.
Neurologists, Spine Surgeons (no chiropractors).
MRI’s, multiple. (xrays are not as good as MRI’s to show discs, nerve impingement, etc.)