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Bulgarian Tribulus


Hey everyone I just went out and bought myself some tribulus. I never used the product before and was wondering do I cycle it off and on like creatine or can it be used all year round.


Well some people like to do it one way and other do it another, you will hear alot of people say they take it for 8 weeks and then have 2 weeks off. So really it is personel choice.
Did you buy it in powder? or caps? and how much do you plan on using per serv?



I bought it in caps and im just taking 1 pill a day. It says take 1-2 pills daily but im also taking ZMA with it so I think im just gonna stick with one and see where it leads me.


Does the tribulus have directions or dosage information? If so, read it. If not, you may want to use it five days on, two off. And creatine doesn't have to be cycled.