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Bulgarian tribulus

I have posted something a few weeks ago, u guys have been really helpfull.
So now I’m on a cycle but I was planning on taking bulgarian tribulus during the cycle from now on for its benefits on the liver and such, is there any chance this will effect the Dbol and primo in a negative way?
I mean like, am I going to loose strength, mass or is there a chance I might actually gain some extra :slight_smile:
And horse, I know u got some info for me!

On a personal note, I just picked up a coupla bottles of Tribex. I plan on using it post-cycle as I’m finishing off my Clomid. I will continue with it as a “filler” probably until I start my next cycle again.

I do? News to me.

I really don’t see why you would take trib during a cycle. It’s effects would be massively overshadowed by the Primo/Dbol.

If you’re going to use it, save it for when you come off and are doing your PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) with Clomid, etc - or even after your PCT.

Tribulus does have some detoxifying benifits as well. I don’t know the details on these though.

take the regular stuff like milk thistle, tmg, l-methionine, collagen, for liver support. save the tribulus for post-cycle. laters pk