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Bulgarian Training Simplified

Hi CT,

Loving the BTS Program so far and was wondering if you could adapt it for say a 5/4/3 scheme for strength/hypertrophy? If so what sort of percentages would be optimal?

Many Thanks.

Absolutely not. I mean it has no common ground with 531 from a programming perspective.

*One is high frequency (each lift 5 days a week) the other is low frequency (each lift once a week)

*One uses one work set the other multiple sets

*One maxes out (ramps-up to a max weight for a given number of reps) on a prescribed number of reps weekly, the other one never really maxes out

*One trains all the main lifts at each workout, the other one focuses on one lift per session

*One waves intensity throughout the week and from week to week, the other only from week to week, within a week it stays the same

It’s not possible to mix both. And why would you want to do it? Because you need an emotional buy-in by doing something from Thibaudeau and Wendler at the same time?

Frankensteining programs never work,

ah sorry some confusion here, What i meant was instead of doing weeks of 3reps 2reps and 1rep maxes could you instead do weeks of 5rep 4rep and 3rep maxes at a lower intensity?

Oh yeah, that would work. And would provide more muscle mass gains.


Thanks! and apologises for the confusion. :facepunch:

I was thinking of trying this. I have been doing the best damn workouts for a couple of years and could use a change up (just to keep things interesting, not due to functionality). Couple of questions though.

Why Wednesdays off? Can I go M-F and take the weekends off? I can do all of the exercises relatively heavy except z squats. I am working out in my garage (due to the apocalypse) and have no rack, so everything is ground up. Should I just stick to 4x8 on the z squats and focus on the other progressions. Would this work, or should I just stick to Best Damn Workouts until the gyms open up? Any suggestions much appreciated.

@kez_starr, have you run this before? If so, how long were the first sessions of the week? Thank you

About 40-45 mins tops (most of that is rest at around 120-150 secs between sets) I usually try to stick to the 4 sets (ramping included) because I gas out pretty quickly. I did try doing some rest/pause mass work on the lower intensity days but it made me feel like shite.

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Hi CT,
Always looking for a challenge, so I thought I’d add a few reps to the lower intensity days and a cluster day to the higher intensity one.

I REALLY don’t like that idea. The program is set-up a certain way to allow the body to progress optimally.

A workout is not about to “challenge yourself” or proving that you can handle a lot of hard work; it’s about placing an stimulus on the body and then allowing adaptations to occur… without depleting neurological and physical ressources.

This is a mistake.

Ah okay thanks coach. :+1:t4: obviously getting ahead of myself there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Coach,

You could still follow this program if you only had access to a Trap Bar right? Probably not optimal but for instance:

Presses: Floor and OHP (from blocks)
Deadlifts: Deficit/RDL
Rows: Pendlay/Drag Rows

It’s a versatile piece of kit and just wondered what your take on this would be. :thinking:

You can use any exercises you want with the training structure.