Bulgarian Training Simplified

Hey coach so I’m doing the Bulgarian training simplified routine and I just started the third week. I’ve been using sumo deadlifts as my competition Deadlift throughout the program as I have problems keeping a straight back during the conventional stance. However I decided to try conventional as the specificity week and it just didn’t work very well.

My back rounds like crazy due to tight hips and lower back, so my question is, are there any other lifts I can use for the 3rd week in place of it? I’ve already done RDL’s and Pin-pulls below the knee, which was the only other one you suggested for the 3rd week. Any feedback would be appreciated.

By the way I am working on my mobility, I just bought becoming a supple leopard and will start applying it shortly, but I just want to finish this program and not have to wait until I’m mobile enough to do a proper deadlift.

Do you mean you’ve started your 3rd week or 3rd 3 week cycle?

Ah sorry should have clarified. This is my 3rd cycle.

@Weston: That is an awesome book. Magnificent Mobility is a great DVD for warming up the lower body and increasing your mobility too.