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Bulgarian Training Simplified Review

Hey CT, just finished this program and wanted to share my results and thoughts for those thinking about it.


Bench 1RM increased 20 lbs, Was able to do my 3RM for 6 reps at the end

Squat 1RM increased 30 lbs, Was able to do my 3RM for 10 reps at the end

Dead 1RM increased 60 lbs, Was able to do my 3RM for 10 reps at the end


This was a great program for me. All lifts at the end were life time PR’s and honestly were numbers I thought I might not ever hit because I hadn’t had great results increasing my strength in the past. The dead lift exploded, but thats likely because I don’t ever really deadlift in my other training programs, so that can be attributed to form improvements (but so what, thats part of strength, right?)

Lifts that used to intimidate me now just… go up. Its really quite incredible.

I really enjoyed the frequency and the (mostly) sub max, explosive type work. I never got tired of doing the same lift over and over again (the maxes going up every test helped I think…) so whatever that says about my Neurotype I am trying to pick up on that.

This program finally helped it click that you dont need to run yourself into the ground going to failure to improve strength. On somerthing like 5/3/1 for example I would always take that + set to crazy effort, and then really push the assistance too. Honestly most of these days were “easy.” The 90% days, while “heavy” weren’t anywhere near failure. Lets see if I can really learn this and carry this into the future.

Going to do 915 after this for a slight change of pace but hopefully drive my strength up a bit more. As a body building guy this was fun to finally see my numbers go up and up and up every month.


Wow incredible Lonnie…

Was this the program you’re talking about?

I know you were always more of a physique/bodybuilder guy that liked performance training…what made you hop on this program? I think you also mentioned you were only training 3x a week with the kid & job and stuff and this is almost daily…

Curious any physique gains from doing this? Thx

That’s the one. Basically, It really appealed to me so I did what I needed to do to make it happen. It was tough getting in all 5 days every week, some times I had to split the sessions but I got t all in. Having the home gym was ESSENTIAL for this program for me.

Going to 4 days will be nice though.

Physique wise I have regressed for sure. Much softer than I was in June at the end of T-ransformation, as I have let my diet become more relaxed. This is easy for me to fix so I don’t sweat it. I don’t think this program yielded any appreciable muscle gains as the volume is quite low. Some days it’s onky 4 reps. But I don’t seem any noticeable muscle loss either

I committed to the strength gains so I was willing to sacrifice the physique for the time being.

I was a big fan of this program when I ran it too. Something I’ve considered doing if I run it again has been switching from 3/2/1 RMs to 5/4/3 RMs. Awesome results on your lifts, I set some PR’s myself and probably could have done better if my diet had been better during that time.