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Bulgarian Training Simplified Question


I have just completed my third round of BTS but this last round I had used 5,4,3 rep scheme and only maxing on the competitive style once every three weeks and have had great success. Was thinking of doing BTS as prescribed by you again or Is there another program that you would recommend if someones main focus was 80% gaining maximal strength and 20% hypertrophy?


Not CT obviously, but have you tried “complete power look” or “915”?
I have done BTS for 2 cycles, but found I made my best strength gains alternating between the 2 above. I prefer 915 for strength as it is a 4 day push/pull and allows greater frequency of lifts.
Power look is better for hypertrophy, with slightly higher reps and a upper/lower split, but it is still a awesome strength programme.

Check them out, you wont be disappointed!


Built for bad or Complete power look.

Not a Thib program but Westside also something to consider…