Bulgarian System for Powerlifitng

So. I have decided to try this Bulgarian training method for powerlifting

I will be perfoming squats every day taking them to the 1RM of that day. That will be the basic exercise for lower body. For upper body i will perform bench press 3 times per week and any variation of overhead press 2 times per week.

I have started this about 2 week now. I use a lot of autoregulation, not to burn out or push the workout. I look for performance. When I grind a set of 1 rep that the last set. Thats the daily max. Until Now i Have progressed well.

Besides Squats and Presses I do Speed Pulls(Sumo), Romanian Deads, Rows, Good Mornings, Pull Ups, Some Bicep Work. and Triceps every bench day. And of course Ab Work. Hanging Leg Raises, Ab wheel and Weighted Crunches of the Pulley Machine.

You may thinks its to much work and many excersices. You will see how i fit it together. Core Exersices stay fixed. I will alternated asistance.

Now. About myself.
I weight 81 kilos (178lbs), I am 1.73 meters tall. I lift Raw, only belt. My stats before trying box squat unsuccesfuly where: Squat 405, Dead 455 and Bench 315, OHP 160.

After box squating for 4 months my squat went donw to 355. Havent Max out in DL and Bench and OHP are the same.

This got too long. I will write down daily performance