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Bulgarian Squats


What do you guys prefer the BB or the DB's?...Also is it just me..but this exercise is A BITCH!!!..like holy shit..i did an upper body workout and for fun i thought id try bulgarian squats and stuff..i did 105lbs only!!! for 10 reps, each leg..and i was friggen breathin like a mother, its deifnatly hard..i didnt think that hard though..kinda messed up. What about you guys?



I agree totally, Bulgarian split squats I think are THE hardest exercise (at least for me) in terms of my muscles being friend and being out of breath. I usually follow DeFranco's advice and follow up heavy bilateral work with unilateral work, which is usually the Bulgarians. I prefer dumbells for two reasons:

1.) Extra grip work
2.) A lot of times by the end of the sets I start to get lightheaded and a little dizzy and my coordination starts to falter. I'm pretty sure if I had a barbell on my back I'd fall over haha.

I think these are the perfect compliment to posterior-chain dominant heavy exercises (such as PL or oly squats or deadlifts) and are great for athletes.