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Bulgarian Squats


Should Bulgarian squats be placed in my hip or quad dominant workouts?

I keep my shins and torso at a 90 degree angle from the ground throughout the entire movement. Because of this I categorize it as hip dominant. That being said I still 'feel' it in my quads quite a bit.



I dunno. I guess it's personal preference. Most often, I've seen these considered as a "knee dominant" exercise (quads). But, I've always felt them most in the glutes... though they are a good all 'round hip and leg exercise.

With your shin perpindicular to the floor I'd go with hip dominant. With the foot of your working leg closer to the bench... thus the knee going over or past the toes... I'd go with quad dominant.


MA, it's a tough call because I find it's really hard to push off of your heels, which would suggest that it's quad dominant. BUT if you've ever done them, the feeling in your ass the next day tells you that it's hip dominant.

BTW-I know a guy who had a beer dumped over his head for introducing a woman to these... guess she didn't like the soreness.