Bulgarian Squats?

Can someone tell me what the proper form is for bulgarian squats and what the difference is between a “split squat” an “elevated lunge” and a “bulgarian squat?” How far are you supposed to go down in a bulgarian squat? I thought not that far because they are for working VMOs…

Can’t answer your question on the Bulgarian squat cause I’ve never heard of them but Split squats are always done static while lunges are what they say on the tin, you lunge and then retreat back to the starting position, if your doing a decline lunge your back leg is at a height and vice versa for incline. Hope thats of some help!

Bulgarian Squat:

Barbell Split Squat:

Elevated Lunge:
Can’t find a pic. An elevated lunge is performed where the front foot is elevated from the floor (e.g. on a chair).