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Bulgarian Split Squat Rear Foot Height?

I added lunges to my leg routine starting in October and they have been great at increasing strength not to mention the burn i get is an ass kicker. I want to add split squats to my routine as well starting in january. I cant seem to find an answer on the proper height of the rear leg pedestal. Most articles show a guy just using a bench but others show people using those steps from aerobics classes or a box. Is there a certain height based on my leg length i should be lookibg at. Im probably overthinking it

If I remember right, it should be high enough that you can reach close to parallel with the lead foot without hitting your knee cap on the floor. But the distance of the lead foot from the bench contributes more to you being able to reach “depth”. While learning, you could start your lagging foot lower anyway and just work your way up from there

This looks good

Whatever feels comfortable