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Bulgarian Split Squat... DB's or BB??

which do you prefer and why? positives and negatives?

DBs are going to destroy your grip unless you strap up or rest between legs, or this again may highlight my shit grip
DBs may limit weight you can use

I did them for a short while when I hurt my back and couldn’t squat, but I don’t do them much anymore. I always used dumbbells as there was less of a balance issue for me.

you could use a smith machine like john meadows (does normal split squats)
grip and balance won’t be an issue

I use dumbbells. I actually got really good growth from it.

i would use dumbbells. i really doubt your grip will be a limiting factor unless you’re a downright beast and are using 100+ dumbbells.

the reason i don’t recommend using a barbell because, like others have already alluded to, is that balance can be problematic.

every now and then you may feel like you are becoming off balance, and if you have a barbell on your back, good luck dumping it with 1 leg trailing on a bench behind you.

i guess if you had to dump dumbbells, you always risk the possibility of dropping on your foot but i’ve done both and i’ve found dumbbells are much more forgiving with the balance issue.