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Bulgarian Split Squat Balance Issues

Hi everyone, I am new here and I am pretty new in the gym as well. I weigh 62kg and I am 185cm. When my right leg is the front foot, i am able to keep my knees in place and keep my right pelvis straight to the right knee. Basically I havd good form and balance. But when I have my left leg in the front, my left pelvis has to lean towards the left, if i keep it straight, I lose balance to the right. I am using body weight only. The quick solution I came up with for now is to hold onto something to keep my balance. But is this effective? Are there any other exercises that will work better for my balance? I’m an athlete and I need the balance. Sorry for my bad english, its my 1st language.

Do the sofa stretch (and potentially a glute stretch) and practice the movement often. Should be sorted pretty quickly.

Can you balance on one foot standing up? If not then that’s probably the best place to start. If you can, you may still want to strengthen up your feet/ankles some standing as well as doing the bodyweight split squats with support. If you’re doing it right you should adapt pretty quickly.

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Thank you! I will give it a go

With my right foot(the foot with no issues) I could. With my left foot, same problem. My pelvis leans to the left. If I keep it straight then I fall off to the right.

I’d personally work on that first then, you should be able to master it pretty quickly with practice if it’s just a weakness.

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Try using the smith machine.

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