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Bulgarian MTR Matrix for Bench??

Has anyone experimented with running a smaller scale version of the Bulgarian style MTR matrix for bench? I just started an experimental phase. Sticking to the ABBCCA 6 week program style. I’m in week 3 of it and have seen awesome gains from maxing(to the tune of about 30 pounds), my bench form while maxing has solidified and I’m not getting to much kick back from the “over-worked CNS” theory.

If I understand your ABBCCA meaning correctly, I personally have found the kick back to require several A level weeks at the end, not just 1 or 2.

Personally it worked for me using ABC AAA. It was only in the final A week that the kick back really showed itself. Actually I typically used ABC, A- A- A- with the A- being slightly less than the original A (ramp up faster for example or even stretch it out over 8-9 days).

So you did use this for Bench?
I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind. I’m thinking I’ll chop off one of the C weeks and run a 5 week cycle instead.
I appreciate your insight on the matter.