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Bulgarian Method for Powerlifting


anybody here try this yet, im about two weeks into it

a quick synopsis of my interpretation:
m,t,w,th,f,s back squat to a max get in more volume depending on how heavy my 1rm for the day is

bench to a max, alt close grip and comp grip get in rep work depending on what I max out at

speed deadlifts, been doing them with avg bands @ about 60-70%

after a couple days I discovered that curls are absolutely necessary in order to keep my elbows from exploding.

looking for other people who train with this kind of frequency and advice or recommendations


Max sets of squats, with some volume work depending on your max, for every day except for Sundays off? That looks like a recipe for overtraining to me.


Where did you get the outline for this program?


My training partner did this for the oly lifts over Summer break. He did two a days 3 days a week, then just one sessions 3 days a week, each day to a max in snatch, clean and jerk, power snatch, power clean and jerk, or front or oly back squat. The other day was just a technique/recovery session.

After he hit his max for the day, he would work his way back down and do double or triples for 10+ sets, in the classic lifts.

He ended up straining an adductor and his shoulder joints were so swollen it look like somebody implanted baseballs under his skin. He was doing snatches and missed one backwards and told me "I felt like soemthing tore and a bunch of fluid flowed into it". He then continued to snatch and finish the work out.

School started and he had to stop doing it.


that does not look like a good idea to me. the reason no one powerlifts that way is because it doesn't work. Olympic lifts can be trained different then pretty much all other lifts due to the lack of a lowering phase. olympic lifters can lift often but they spend years getting to that point and its still hell on the joints. Few lifters thrive on the Bulgarian style and unless your a super genetic freak i don't see how anyone could thrive on a powerlifting bulgrarian style lifting.


Looks great!! Do it..
(really I'm just curious about how badly you hurt yourself)


Not to mention, hardcore training like that is accompanied with hardcore recovery methods on the regular (sports message, ice baths, sauna/steam room, hot tubs, etc).


You better be bathing in a mixture of epsom salts, steak, and test for the remainder of each day for this to work.



I actually did this for 6 weeks, benching, squatting, deadlifting four on-one off for low reps (mostly) and percentages varying from 50-90%. I have it in the over 35 forum if you want to look at it. After about 5 weeks my weights began to drop, and one morning I woke up and pretty much realized I had overdone it. I wanted to see how it would work since I am retired and have all day to recuperate, the end result is that while it starts out really very easy to maintain, your body can only handle heavy sustained training for a short time without rest. I believe I was benching between 385 and 425 pretty much every day, even with low reps the wear on your joints (and your psyche) is pretty awful, coupled with squatting and deadlifting each day, I may recommend against it, for your long term progress anyway.


Eric talmant used the Bulgarian method for power lifting with some success


according to average bros you at first go down in weight and then go up.... I would suggest squatting like them too with the fast drop. Once my knee gets better i am going to give it a shot.


this was john broz rx for bulgarian method for a powerlifter


ill keep you updated on injuries, elbow is raw, but adding in curls and gripping a little wider on the squats seems to be alleviating the issue


yeah I have already started to see my squat drop, keep me posted when you start up


on second thought nevermind, your program is much different than mine was, my bad.


week three/four update.
increased squat vomlume this week, after maxes I added in 6+ doubles @ 365
daily maxes

no injuries as of yet feels less stressful on my joints than sheiko to be honest

bench has fallen a bit still adjusting the volume


here is a vid of thursdays squat, sunday im planning on squatting 445-455

fast forward a minute if you dont want to see me take forever to set up


Far from optimal routine but I reckon you could get away with it if you did the anaconda protocol and got 10 hours sleep every day


i know its different for olympic lifting especially when you got greats like Ivan. But im guessing for powerlifting the idea would be something like CP wrote back in 2007 or 2006..

This ideal has been used for almost all speed sports and for olympic lifting. The idea is basically to go balls to walls overtraining then for a week or two just take it easy. Its not as simple as it sound.
Like I said, I dont know how this would go with weight training but ALL speed sports (swimming, track, Olylifting) use this method before big meets.


Bulgarian Method