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Bulgarian Light & Jefferson Deadlifts

Also any other asymmetrical movement… should I be concerned about balancing it out? How? My current idea is to hit plateau on one side (left leg front), do another lift, such as rows, and the next time I return to Jeffersons I’d do only the other side (right leg front). Otherwise I feel like I’d mess up the daily progression. Any better suggestions?

How long have you been training? I’m assuming you follow alpha destiny and possibly Eric, and while that training seems appealing, most times it does nothing for you.

EDIT for the record, I don’t have anything against the Jefferson deadlift. All movement patterns should be explored. However, if you can only pull 315 or you haven’t been lifting a long bit and haven’t milked basic movement patterns, I don’t see why you would start your training career with a unilateral pulling movement.

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There’s like hundreds of deadlift variations that don’t have an asymmetrical component to them - why not go with all of those instead?

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I do follow both of them. By that training you mean Bulgarian Light or unconventional movements?

I decided to give it (BL) an honest shot since it’s something I haven’t done before and I was getting bored with the routines I’ve been doing. It was 50:50 between whether to start with Jefferson or Behind the back but I’ve been doing behind the back deadlift on my regular leg days before and despite loving the movement, curiosity won me over to go with Jeffersons. Definitely planing to do behind the back on the next deadlift round but I will do something else, like dips or rows or something in between the deadlift variations.

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Swap legs every set.

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Well, both really. You have to be super dedicated to training to pull off whatBugenhagen has done. He trains something like 4-6 times a day some days, conditioning hard as fuck, and ate to perform. Not to mention he’s such an outlier on the genetic scale and was such a high level wrestler growing up that a lot of his strength was built there.

With the unconventional movements, it’s a weird space. They get you strong, but they have their caveats. That’s why AD gets so much hate. Most people will find that after training a Jefferson or Hack dead for a while that they can pull 50-80 pounds more than the conventional stance. They work and if you decide to go that route there’s nothing wrong, just don’t get caught up in all the hoopla going around now. You can build strength doing them, but (and especially on Bulgarian Light) the strength doesn’t stay there and can often take months to get back to where you peaked. Just don’t get in your head that since Eric looks how he does that you will.

It’s funny, I started subscribing to Eric years ago and no one had even really heard of any of these movements in the main scene. There are still a ton of movements like that that most would say are idiotic until their favorite “celebrity” does them. Still waiting for the Steinborn to get huge and see more herniated discs than ever before.

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I’d only train the Jefferson deadlift if I was trying to seduce a member of the opposite sex at the gym.

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