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Bulgarian Light Bench Training

I really want to get my bench stronger and recently I’ve been in a plateau. I started doing a sorta Bulgarian light program with very low exercise selection (bench press), high intensity and high frequency. I’m 15 at 175-178lbs BW. If you have any advice please share it with me. After i plateau with the bench press I’m thinking if going to either decline bench press, Doubled monster mini band pause bench, or weighted dips following the same format as this cycle.

Tues: failed max bench of 215 paused
5x1 @ 195lbs
weighted dips @ 45 3x4
Wed: 5x3 @ 185lbs
Thur: 6x4 @ 180lbs but i fail the last rep of set 6
Fri: I got 195 for 2x3 then 200 for 2x3 then 195 for a 1x3
sat: max bench at 215lbs
sun: 195 5x3
mon: 175 for an AMRAP of 11 and 185 for a 10x3
Tus: 205 for a 3x1. My left front delt doesn’t feel that good but it is from all the benching. I’ll take some time off before I max out.
Wed: I felt some what good but I only did 190 for a 6x3

I cant really remember what I did this week other than 225 for a new max.

sun: 175x12, I wanted to try to get an amrap PR with my body weight.

Mon: I switched over to doubled monster mini band bench. 135x1. I wanted to see what my max would look like. I feel like when the rep is a grinder when using bands I tend to press to my face to soon.
Tuse: I got a 3x1 @ 115 on double monster mini band bench. I was going to do a 5x5 with 95lbs but the set up with the bands was a little diffrent and there was more tension than usual. I fail the last rep of the 4th set.
Wed: I hit a top single at 115 on paused doubled monster mini band bench. I also did a 10x3 with 95 and it was pretty easy. For my triceps I did a total of 300 pushdowns.
Thurs 11/29/18: I did a top double at 130 with a pause and doubled monster mini bands. I then did a 6x5 at 95 with a pause and doubled monster min band. ( for those of you who don’t know that amount of band tension for doubled monster mini bands on bench it is about 50 at the bottom and 125lbs at the top.)

Hey man I’m not the strongest bencher here at all but here’s some thoughts. You have some good ideas I think but are going about it wrong

Longevity: all this maxing and going to failure is probably a bad idea. It’s easy to get injured all the time if you go to the max often and fail. You can’t get strong if you get injured. The biggest strongest dudes usually train sustainably because strength and muscle is a long game so you won’t make it if you’re out injured

BW: your gonna be growing as a teen and as someone who lifts but you gotta eat to give your body the raw materials it needs to build muscle (which gets you stronger) and meet energy requirements for training and recovery. If your weight isn’t going up slowly no need to be a fat ass then you should eat more.

There’s a lot more but I think a proven bench program or at least something more sensible is better for your gains long term.

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What I am making sure of is to keep volume at a low so I am not very sore the next day, and if I am sore I’m going to take it easier the following workout. I am really making sure that I am going to stay injury free with GPP work and a few accessories. I really wanted to try out this kind of training for a little bit but I will probably go back to full body twice a week. I am not maxing out everyday. I’m just getting to a some what high % of my max like 80-90%. When I feel good I will max out but that will be after at least a day of rest and proper nutrition for the recovery.

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Soreness isn’t really an indicator of much I thinks definitely not enough to have your health riding on it

I’m probably overstating things though and you’ll be like fine but it’s always better to be safer than sorry.

To be fair I made some good gains recently high volume 20-40 reps / workout, 5-6 x per week benching at 80% 1RM give or take + accessories. But it wasn’t sustainable so I got injured after two months (I think give or take).

The thing is I felt fine the whole time not even sore at all for the most part and performance was great. Just one day I wasn’t fine anymore and was lucky it was only a minor set back.

So these days I bench a bit less heavy a bit less frequently because I know whereabouts my upper range is right now. I guess you need a balance between stimulus and recovery and you need to find your own.

If bench is really your main goal right now maybe posting a video formcheck would help a lot and also doing some assistance exercises to address your weaknesses too.

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I just hit 225 a few days ago with this programming but i think a plateau is coming so I’m moving to doubled monster mini band bench. I am making sure that i feel very good before i even go close to 90%. If I don’t feel that good I will either cut the bench part of the workout short or do more volume.

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Looks good, but doesn’t look like the Bulgarian program I did, so I’d like to get an idea of how the framework is set up for you.

I did a Bulgarian method that Greg Knuckols/Omar Isuf uploaded and it had me working up to a very conservative 1RM and then back off doubles/triples. If hit a grindy 1RM, I’d omit the back off sets because I figured I was in too deep. I did this about 3-4x a week, with one deadlift session of 5-10 singles (started at 5 and then added another set weekly. Not sure if I was supposed to but I snuck in weight over time)

Increased my touch and go bench 10lbs in 4 weeks. Based on that video, I think you could benefit from pause (even as long as 3 count pause) benching and pin press to maintain tension.

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Im not really following a specific format for the training but instead I am making sure to keep the intensity high. I did pause bench for a while but I plateaued on it and needed something new. I might go back to pause bench if I want something new or if im going to compete in the bench press. I would usually go for a single then do some backoff sets but I keep the volume at a low so I will be able to lift the next day if I wanted. I am also not lifting everyday because I don’t want to get injured, and that only happens if I feel drained the next day.

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Nice job bit scary looking lol

Maybe do more pause benching? I’m just guessing your touch and go is a bit inconsistent and we can see you have that sticking point right around your chest so pause benching will do lots of good

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I feel like I hit a wall in the middle where my elbows hit 90 degrees. I will be doing pause doubled monster mini band bench to get better speed and I might go back to pause bench after that. I’m finished with flat bench for a couple of weeks other than using bands.

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