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Bulgarian Layers?


I’m a huge fan of the Layer System and just enjoyed your article on the Bulgarian System. Thanks for putting this info out there!

To address the bodybuilding deficiencies of the Bulgarian System while keeping the frequency, could someone employ a Bulgarian Layer System where you spread the layers out over multiple days?

For Example:

Monday: Ramp to 3RM
Bench Press: ramp to 3rm
Squat: ramp to 3rm
Deadlift: ramp to 3rm

Tuesday: Clusters
Bench Press: 100% 3rm x 3 cluster sets
Squat: same
Deadlift: same

Thursday: Extended Sets
Bench Press: 70% x 3 extended sets
Squat: same
Deadlift: same

Friday: Speed HDL
Bench Press: 60% 3rm 8x3
Squat: same
Deadlift: same

Yeah, that kinda sounds like not what the layer system was meant to do. The ramp to max is warmup, activation, and a guild to the clusters, which leads into density work, which sets up you to get blood in there using pump work. Layers means each step builds on the one before it. You aren?t getting that if you have 24 hours between steps.