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Bulgarian Burst Power Training Book?

I know this is a very old thread. Does someone have the original bulgarian burst manual they could pdf? I looked everywhere. I think it came in a black three ring binder.

anyone still have the book they can pdf?

I am trying to get copies of two workouts and hopefully someone can help.

One was a Bill Phillips/Scott Conley/Met-rx workout. It was 6 days a week 3 heavy and 3 light. It is not the body for life book workout. I can’t remember where i got it from. Maybe it was an old muscle media magazine in the 90s.

The other was the Bulgarian burst manual in a black binder. I think it was OST but not sure. Also early 90s.

If someone has it, can I get a copy?

Its in a chapter of Leo Costa’s big beyond belief. You can get it on amazon for 7 bucks